10 Details Your Wedding Photographer Needs

Want your wedding photographer to get all the shots just right? There are a lot of details you’ll need to pass on to them to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are the most important things they’ll need to know:

  1. Wedding VendorsDo you really want to be the middle man or woman between your wedding photographer and the other vendors? Coordinating photo shoots can be hectic, so give the photographer the name of your vendors and let them do the coordinating for you!
  2. Special Considerations — Are there any guests in wheelchairs? Are any of the guests hearing, sight, or speech-impaired? Does anyone have strong aversions to overhead light, bright lights, the sun, or the heat? These are details your wedding photographer will need to know about!

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  3. Names — That includes all of your closest friends and family members–the core of your wedding. Considering the photographer is going to be taking A LOT of photos of you and those family members, it’s easier to call them by name!
  4. Family Drama –– Does Uncle Stan hate Cousin Patrick, or is Bridesmaid Jenny cheating on her husband with Groomsman Will? If there is any family drama, let the photographer know! It will help them to avoid any problems on the wedding day. The photographer’s goal is to capture the GOOD side of your wedding!

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  5. Surprises/Secrets –– Is there a surprise dance or a flash mob planned? You want the photographer to capture every moment of the surprise, so let them know well in advance. Don’t worry, they will keep it a secret from your significant other!
  6. Schedule –– How planned out is your day? Do you have an itinerary planned down to the last minute? Your photographer needs to know what your schedule is and how much time they have to work with for each event.

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    Details for your Wedding Photographer

  7. Food –– This doesn’t just include the moments that you will be shoving cake into each other’s faces or enjoying your wedding dinner, but it includes when the guests eat. That’s when the photographer gets a moment to take a break and grab something to eat themselves.
  8. DIY Details –– Did you DIY any of your wedding decorations or themes? If so, it’s something you’ll definitely want the photographer to capture. Make sure to point out anything that you DIYed, and they’ll add it onto the shoot list.

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    Wedding Photography

  9. Worries –– Are your bridesmaids worried about looking fat in their dresses? Are you concerned that your neck looks too long from the wrong angle? No matter how silly or small, let the photographer know what you’re worried about. It will help them get the best pictures and take into account your preferences.
  10. Why Them — What made you decide to choose them instead of any of the other photographers in the city? Giving them the reasons why you chose them can help the photographer to customise their service according to your desires.

Give your wedding photographer these details, and you’ll all but guarantee excellent wedding shots and video on your big day!