10 of the Quirkiest Wedding Ideas

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When it comes to planning a wedding, why stick with the same traditional concepts that everyone else had for their wedding? Why not get creative with your wedding planning? It could be a whole lot of fun!

10 of the Quirkiest Wedding Ideas

Wedding Ideas

Here are 10 of the quirkiest, most creative ideas that you can use for your wedding:

  1. Jenga Piece Guestbook — Instead of having people sign into a guest book, buy a Jenga set and give each guest a piece when they arrive. They need to write a simple, sincere wedding message and their name, and place it back in the box. Every time you play together, it will remind you of the big day!
  2. Brunch Reception — Getting married first thing in the morning is a great way to ensure you get beautifully sunlit wedding photos, and you can host the reception over brunch instead of dinner.
  3. Mountain Wedding — Just outside of Melbourne is the beautiful Mount Dandenong. The views from high on the mountain make for a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding, so it may be a good idea to look for wedding venues on the mountain if you want to get creative with your wedding.
  4. Polaroid Photo Guestbook — Have each of the guests take a Polaroid snapshot of themselves when they arrive at the wedding, and put all of the photos into a scrapbook to remember the big event.
  5. Cake Buffet — Instead of the traditional wedding cake, set up a cake buffet with a wide range of options for those who need to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  6. Video Guestbook — Set up a small video box at the entrance to the wedding hall, and have each guest say something meaningful for the bride and groom. Put all of the comments into the wedding video.
  7. Crazy Wedding Photo — It can be a lot of fun to take crazy photos with the bride, groom, groomsmen, and bridesmaids. Go with a superhero theme, a zombie theme, an apocalypse theme, or any other theme that makes for fun wedding photos.
  8. Casual Wedding — Say “No!” to that fancy wedding dress and tux, but dress down for the wedding instead. If you’re doing a simple outdoor affair, it will be so much more enjoyable and comfortable for all the guests to go dressed simply.
  9. Water Cooler Bar — Set up water coolers filled with a few choices of alcohol and mixers, and let your guests go DIY on their drinks.
  10. Guest Photographers — Hand out a few digital cameras among your guests, and have them take photos of the big event.
10 of the Quirkiest Wedding Ideas

Wedding Reception Ideas

These are all quirky ideas for a quirky wedding, but your wedding won’t be complete without a quirky venue. If you want one of the best quirky wedding venues Melbourne has to offer, stop by Red Scooter and see just how original we are. We’re one of the most unique function venues Melbourne can provide, and you’ll love the off-beat themes, the impressively creative dinner service, and the professional planners that will help you have the quirky wedding of your dreams!