25 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Wedding Day More

You’ve already done the work of hiring the catering, choosing the Melbourne wedding venue, booking the entertainment, selecting the flower arrangements, and all the rest. Now the big day is here, and you’re feeling the nervous tension.

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Don’t let it get to you, but heed the advice below to help you relax and enjoy the day of your wedding:

  1. Sleep in. Let someone else handle the early morning details.
  2. Have a big breakfast. Resist the temptation to skip the most important meal of your day.
  3. Take time getting ready. Someone else is handling the wedding stuff; focus on yourself.
  4. Hand the groom his to-do list. He’ll have more time to do wedding stuff before he needs to prepare.
  5. Wear a dress shirt. Buttons make this shirt much easier to remove without ruining your hairstyle.
  6. Tell him what you expect from his groomsmen. No getting drunk, no sleeping with the bridesmaids, and NO horrible best man speech.
  7. Break in your shoes. NEVER wear brand new shoes on your wedding day, but always break them in first.
  8. Go easy on the cologne/perfume. Too much will make your head spin, so both the bride and groom need to take it easy.
  9. Let the bridesmaids/mother of the bride handle it. Problems will come up, but they’re not your problems!
  10. Bring your survival kit. This may include a TV show to watch to help you relax, alcohol, a snack, and comfy clothes to lounge around in.
  11. Snap some pictures. A few selfies can help you document the prep process.
  12. Turn off the phone. There is no reason for you to be taking any calls today.

    25-Tips-to-Help-You-Enjoy-Your-Wedding-Day 25 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Wedding Day More  %Post Title Melbourne Events Venue Hire

    Photo Credit: STUDIOMAX

  13. Stretch it out. Don’t let your nerves give you tight muscles, but take time to stretch or even do some Yoga.
  14. Schedule a dinner date. The wedding party can continue without you and your spouse for a few minutes, long enough to eat!
  15. Take it all in. Sit back and marvel at the fact that THIS IS YOUR BIG DAY!
  16. Have “to go” food. Always have food ready to go when the party is over.
  17. Avoid Bride-zilla Syndrome. Be a gracious hostess.
  18. Smile a lot. A LOT! It makes for great wedding photos.
  19. Have someone organise group photos. They’re a nightmare if unorganised.
  20. Be wary of booze. Don’t drink too much!
  21. Bring flats. Your feet are going to get VERY tired of heels.
  22. Have a guest “distractor”. The chatty guests may take all your time, so have someone to distract them if they talk too long.
  23. Love your parents. They’re a very important part of the wedding, so spend a few minutes with them.
  24. Dance. It’s relaxing and a lot of fun.
  25. Remember what the reason for the wedding is. You and your spouse are all that really matters.

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