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30th, a Wedding and some Greeks!


I love weekends like the one just passed. A great mix of events to keep it interesting, not that there is ever a dull moment in the events world…! Our week kicked off with two events on Saturday, Kate’s 30th in the Dakota Room and the Kazzie Club Gala Dinner in the Madisson Room. Never has our soundproofing proved itself better than with custom Greek background music over dinner in Madisson and unruly 80’s classics next door.  In one space a traditional sit down meal with great food and better company, in the other, costumed generation Y’s kicking their feet up having the time of their life (bad pun, I know). The best part – neither had a clue what was happening on the other side of the wall. Demonstrating not only the capabilities of the venue’s soundproofing, but the kitchen staff and two completely different menu formats. I was the lucky staff member at Kate’s to be dressed in the incredibly sexy American Diner outfit, consisting of an oversized white tunic and an ice-cream-vendor-type hat. I think it’s the attitude that helped me pull it off! The mini hot dogs, corn on the cob, pizza, burgers and fries were a huge hit and incredibly in line with the retro 80’s theme. I think the staff in Dakota had the most fun shift of their lives (me included in that group!).

30th, a Wedding and some Greeks!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Rubix Cube Birthday Cake

Mirella and Tony wed on Sunday in the Ceremony Room, before bringing the party upstairs for a less traditional cocktail wedding. We were expecting our guests to be hungry… and we weren’t wrong! They hit the food hard and fast, but we were prepared. The kitchen pumped out the food (in the prettiest sense of the word!) whilst we delivered it in organised style. It took us a good two hours, but we finally managed to fill our hungry guests before serving dessert of rich chocolate mud cake.

All in all, a very successful weekend with all of our guests leaving happy and our clients even more so. We had a bit of fun too!

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