A Few Engagement Q & A’s


Few Engagement Q & A’s

A Few Engagement Q & A’s. You proposed to her, and she said yes! Good on you!

Being engaged is a wonderful time, as that’s when you are most happy together. You’re all tingly and excited about getting married, and your wedding planning is in full swing. You’re already searching for the best wedding venue in Melbourne, drawing up the guest list, and so much more!

A Few Engagement Q & A's  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Few Engagement Q & A’s

Here are a few of the most common questions asked about engagement-related issues:

Q: Should I plan an engagement party?

A:  You don’t HAVE TO have an engagement party, but it’s a good way to share the happiness with your friends and family.

Q: Who is responsible for planning the engagement party?

A: However, non-traditional couples will often host the party themselves, or the parents of the groom will organize and host the event.

Q: How fancy should my engagement party be?

A: There is no “should” when it comes to planning an engagement party. You can make the event as simple or as lavish as you want. A backyard BBQ for your engagement is just as good as a formal dinner in a fancy restaurant. What matters most is the fact that you celebrate your engagement with your close friends and family.

Q: Should we expect gifts?

A: You should not expect gifts for your engagement party. Some people may bring a token gift, but for the most part, there will not be gifts given at this party. The guests will all give you gifts during the wedding, so you shouldn’t expect anything at the engagement party as well.

Q: Do we inform people where we have registered prior to the engagement party?

A:  It is poor etiquette to send out an engagement party invitation with a gift registry list on it. Only on the bridal shower and wedding invitations should the gift list be included.

Q: Do the parents of the bride need to pay for the party?

A: Traditionally, yes. However, if you want to break out of the mold, you can pay, the groom’s parents can pay, or even good friends can foot the bill. Many parents will not want to pay for the engagement party, as they will invest a good deal into the wedding itself.

A Few Engagement Q & A's  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Few Engagement Q & A’s

So many questions that need answering, right? If only there was someone who could help you solve all of your wedding problems…

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