Another Successful Product Launch


Another successful product launch, Kitchenaid state their 100 year success is due to “quality craftsmanship. Versatile technology and timeless style”. A theory that strongly relates to what we do here at Red Scooter.  So the combination for their annual ‘Retailer Night of Nights’ function was a perfect match. It was an intricate and complicated function, timed to a tee, and top quality an essential. A combination of demonstrations, food sampling, AV, entertainment and product launch, this function was a stand out. Our head chef Joel Reilly worked closely with Jo Richardson from Kitchenaid. To develop a menu that Jo could demonstrate on stage, whilst being prepared for the guests in our kitchen. The guests were lucky enough to be entertained by surprise guests. Series one Masterchef contestants Chris and Julia, who whipped up a dish using Kitchenaid appliances, and proved Red Scooter to be a truly lucrative function space.

Another Successful Product Launch  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Masterchef Contestants Chris and Julia


Tips for a Successful Product Launch

Did you know that only a small perctage of product launches are successful? Generating brand awareness, justifying the budget, and establishing credibility are only a fraction of the challenges you will face during your product launch. Understanding these challenges can help you increase the chances for a successful product launch.

Coming up your  product was just the beginning. Knowing your target audience and iwhat it wants is extremely diferent. If your answer to the question, “Who are you targeting?” is, “Everyone,” you’re facing an uphill battle. An effective way to help narrow down your audience and plan marketing activities accordingly is by creating and using buyer personas.

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer base, based on real data that relates to customer demographics and online behavior. As well as your educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. When personas are established, you now have the ability to better customize your marketing efforts. From messaging to activity selection – and make a greater impact with your prospects.

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