Award Nights Venues in Melbourne

Corporate Event Planning

QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CORPORATE EVENT PLANNING When corporate event planning, you can’t just focus on the activities and seminars that will be held during the event. You’ve got to think about all the “behind the scenes” details that are necessary for making the corporate event a success. WHEN LOOKING AT CORPORATE EVENT VENUE’S HERE…

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Warehouse Venue Hire In Melbourne

Warehouse Venue in Melbourne

HOW TO USE A WAREHOUSE VENUE IN MELBOURNE Here at Red Scooter, we offer you a warehouse venue in Melbourne for you to use for your events and functions. Not only does it provide you with all the space you need, but you have options on how you can arrange and organize the warehouse event…

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Dumplings Food Cart For Events

10 Food and Bar Cart Theme Ideas

TREAT YOUR GUESTS TO A FOOD AND BAR CARTS FEAST Our Food and Bar Carts Menu brings together your favourite fun foods and drinks in our unique warehouse event space. The art of stand up grazing with food and drink carts is a food trend that is gaining momentum as a fun, varied and interactive…

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The Unique Events Venue Logo

Previous Clients

RED SCOOTER PREVIOUS CLIENTS We work with a wide variety of previous clients from many different communities and organisations. This award winning space for Venue Hire in Melbourne will add that extra special touch to your next Corporate Venue Hire in Melbourne. Our 4 individual function rooms: the Ethan Room, Dakota Room, Madisson Room and the combined Hamilton Room (Dakota & Madisson)…

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Corporate Functions Melbourne - Australian Conservation Foundation

Sustainable Function Rooms In Melbourne

  OUR FUNCTION ROOMS OPERATIONS PHILOSOPHY Red Scooter has a very individual way of looking at how we run every aspect of our Function Rooms business. We recognise what Douglas Adams called the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of all things’. In other words, no aspect of Red Scooter exists in isolation. One philosophy, one approach. It influences…

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Food Cart Menu For Events - Dumplings

Food Carts Melbourne

FOOD CARTS MELBOURNE Our new Food Carts Melbourne function-style offers a sustainable, on trend and cost effective way to caterer for your event in 2020. We have moved away from the more traditional style of dining as functions continue to evolve and modernise with the changing times. The standard function aesthetic is being influenced by…

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