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Awesomely Cheap Christmas Gifts for Your Employees


If you are planning an office Christmas party, you’ll find that it could cost you a lot more than you would expect. You have to provide food, possibly some sort of entertainment, and perhaps even gifts for the employees. It can end up cutting into your bottom line quite a bit if you aren’t careful with your party planning expenses.

Thankfully, we’ve got a few ideas of cheap Christmas gifts that your employees will love!

Awesomely Cheap Christmas Gifts for Your Employees  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Cheap Christmas Gifts

Awesome, Cheap Christmas Gifts

Here is a list of a few gifts you can buy for your employees–all for $20 or less:

  • Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers — You can find all kinds of little tableware gifts for fairly cheap, and salt and pepper shakers are ideal for anyone. They come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many unique sets that will cost you less than $20 when bought online.
  • Snap Happy Selfie Taker –– If you have employees that spend more time on Instagram than on their work, this is the perfect gift. The device allows them to take pictures without having to struggle to press the “Capture” button on their smart phone.
  • Home Precision Scale — If you have any employees struggling to lose weight, this is a very thoughtful gift! It will allow them total control over their portions, and it will be a handy gift for use in their kitchen. (Just be tactful about gifting it!)
Awesomely Cheap Christmas Gifts for Your Employees  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Cheap Christmas Presents

  • Tea Set –– Got workers that can’t get enough tea? A simple tea ware set is usually fairly inexpensive, but it makes a great gift for anyone. You can even buy loose leaf tea and gift it to them along with the tea pot.
  • Fire Strikers –– For employees that love to spend time in the Australian outback, this is the perfect gift. They’ll never need to bring matches again, as this flint and steel set will allow them to start a fire at any time.
  • Single Serve Blender –– Got a worker that loves to drink smoothies? A single serve blender can be purchased fairly cheaply, and they’re great for whipping up a quick drink. You may even want to leave one in the break room, they’re that handy!
  • Digital Piggy Bank –– One of your workers talked about wanting to save up money for a vacation? Give them this cute, thoughtful gift, which counts up the amount of money they have saved in the bank.
  • Drinking Game Sets –– There are dozens of awesome, simple drinking game sets you can get for your office drinkers, and they can make New Year’s Eve a whole lot more fun!
  • Unique Coffee Mug –– Think a USB Mug that heats up cold coffee, a mug that changes colors according to the temperature of the beverage, or a travel mug that will be handy on the drive to work.

These are all great gift ideas for employers that want to gift something practical on the cheap.

Need help planning your office Christmas party? With the help of Red Scooter, it will be an event your employees will look forward to every year!