Beautiful Alternatives to the Wedding March

Sometimes, it’s great to break out of the mould and get creative with your wedding! You may want the classic white wedding, complete with tuxedoes, decorated church/function hall, and the traditional ceremony, but why not get creative with the wedding song?

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Wedding Ceremony Music

Here are a few awesome alternatives to consider instead of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March:

Marry Me by Train — Simple, sweet, and romantic, that’s what this song is all about. Walk down the aisle to nothing more than the soft sounds of a guitar and probably the most romantic lyrics in the world. It’s a beautiful song that will be perfect for your first dance or walk down the aisle.

I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You by Elvis Presley — Why not go old school in a big way? This old Elvis tune is slow and sweet, and it’s got a perfect beat to help you and the new hubby or wife take a few turns around the dance floor.

This I Promise You by Ronan Keating — The beat of this song is actually ideal for the bride’s walk down the aisle, and it will be just slow enough to make the trip easy even in that heavy wedding dress. Ronan Keating has a beautiful voice that makes this song perfect for a wedding.

Wedding-Music Beautiful Alternatives to the Wedding March  %Post Title Melbourne Events Venue Hire

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The Wedding Song by Peter, Paul, and Mary — Another old school song that just works, this tune was written specifically for a wedding – the wedding of two of the band members. The tune is simple, and it makes a beautiful first dance song if you want to slow dance to a very romantic song.

From This Moment On by Shania Twain — This is a great song to play after the wedding vows are exchanged and the bride has been kissed. It essentially makes the promise to try as hard as you can to love and cherish the person you have just been married to. It’s beautiful to celebrate the happily married new couple, and the beat is perfectly uplifting for a happy run down the aisle.

You and Me by Lifehouse — If there are more romantic songs in the world, you’d be hard pressed to find them. It’s beautifully slow, with little more than the sweet sounds of the guitar to bear you up on the wings of love. All in all, it’s a song that is guaranteed to leave no eye in the house dry!

Come Away With Me by Norah Jones — This is a song that even the clumsiest groom can slow dance to. The beat is incredibly slow, so it makes it very easy for anyone to dance to it for the first wedding dance – plus the lyrics are beautiful!

Ceremony-Music Beautiful Alternatives to the Wedding March  %Post Title Melbourne Events Venue Hire

Wedding Ceremony

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