Being Your Own Wedding Planner


Planning your own wedding can be a good way to save a good deal of money. Wedding planners aren’t usually cheap, though they are definitely worth it if your goal is to have a wedding to remember. If, however, you’re trying to get married on a budget, being your own wedding planner could be the way to go.

Being Your Own Wedding Planner  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect dream wedding all on your own:

  1. Make the guest list. You have to know the number of guests that will be in attendance before you start shopping around the food, music, entertainment, and the best wedding venues Melbourne has to offer.
  2. Set the date. Make sure your wedding doesn’t fall on the same day as a big event or holiday in Melbourne, as that could interfere with your big plans. It could also affect the availability of your wedding venues.
  3. Consider Credit. You may have the money set aside for the wedding, but why not use your credit card for all of the purchases and earn a few miles in the process?
  4. Plan with the Weather. You know what time of year is the most pleasant in Melbourne, so keep the weather in mind as you schedule your big event.  You want to avoid the heat as well as the rain – especially if you’re doing an outdoor wedding.
  5. Ask your vendors. If you’ve got a catering company you know you want to work with, why not ask them if they can recommend a photographer, wedding venue, etc.? They’ve worked with others before, and they’ll know which vendors provide a quality service.
  6. Bargain before signing. For those who want a bit extra to sweeten a deal with a vendor, always make the bargains before you sign. Most vendors will go the extra mile to entice you the sign the contract, but they’ll have no incentive to offer you more once you’ve already committed to their service.
  7. Organize your budget. You should be spending about 50% of your total budget on the reception, 10% on flowers, 10% for entertainment, 10% for photos and video, 2 to 3% on invites, 2 to 3 percent for gifts, and the rest on a wedding coordinator. Have a bit extra handy just in case unforeseen expenses arise.
  8. Go slow with the planning. Don’t rush and try to slap everything together, but take your time with the planning. Sign one contract at a time, and stay organized as you plan the big day.
Being Your Own Wedding Planner  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: Con Tsioukis

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