Challenge 200 Club


Challenge 200 Club

The Challenge 200 Club. David Southwick is the state member for Caulfield, and no one can deny that his beliefs and personal morals align very closely with those held at Red Scooter. Both believe in “hard work, determination to succeed, giving back to the community and helping others help themselves”. David’s involvement in many charities including the Ardoch Youth Foundation, Try Youth and Community Services, and Big Brother, Big Sister; ensures that our name as a community friendly and sustainable business is seconded by having such strong affiliations with likeminded groups.

There was even a special appearance by Jeff Kennett at Red Scooter for Challenge 200.

Challenge 200 Club  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Challenge 200 Club

“The Red Scooter event was a great opportunity for David’s supporters to come together and meet in a sensational local business which gives back to the community and is aligned so closely with the ethos and philosophy of David Southwick and hear from successful businessman and Bulldogs President David Smorgon who shared his story and tips in a very motivated presentation.”

Adam McKee, Electorate Officer – Office of David Southwick MP

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