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Choosing the Ideal Christmas Party Venue


Planning Christmas celebrations can be a tough job – especially if you’re trying to plan a big event for your whole company. If you’re the one lucky enough to be given the task of finding a suitable venue for the event, you may have no idea where to start looking.

Sure, you can throw your Christmas party in the company conference room like you have for the last three years running, or you can break out and find some place new and fun to have your Christmas celebrations in style!

Choosing the Ideal Christmas Party Venue  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Hollywood Themed Christmas Celebration

Choosing the Right Venue

When looking for a Christmas party venue, consider:

  • Cost — Yes, this is an important factor to keep in mind, as no doubt your party budget is limited. You don’t want to spend all of it on a venue and have nothing left to spend on your entertainment and refreshments.
  • Atmosphere — Do you want a venue that is relaxed, elegant, or a place where you can party like animals? Consider what type of party you’re planning, and find a venue with an ambience to match.
  • Space — Find a venue that fits all of the people attending the party, with space to spare for games, dancing, etc.
  • Services — What services does the venue offer? Can they provide catering, valet parking, cleanup, etc.?
  • Location — How far from the office will the party be? Will your employees have to drive far once the party is over?

Consider these factors in your search for the right venue to hold your Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Party Venue Ideas

Choosing the Ideal Christmas Party Venue  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Cartoon Character Christmas Celebration

Here are some places you may want to consider holding your Christmas party:

  • The Beach –On the beach, you can enjoy some fun in the sun, and keep the party going even after dark. Build a bonfire, have a Hawaiian-style luau, or just have fun dancing under the stars with some festive Christmas music.
  • A Restaurant — The beauty of having a Christmas party at a restaurant is that you know exactly what you’re getting. Most restaurants offer a packaged deal on party catering, and you can enjoy relaxing in the comfort of a well-known local eatery.
  • Party Hall — If you want to go all out on the decorating, a party hall is definitely the way to go. You can set up your festive banners, decorations, and trinkets all around the hall, and get your Christmas celebrations started in style. Most halls have caterers that will provide food, and you can usually rent the hall at a pretty decent price.
  • Local Amusement Park — It may sound like a silly idea, but having a party at a local amusement park can be a whole lot of fun. You can all enjoy going on the rides – yes, adults love them too! – and you’ll be able to have your party in an atmosphere designed for fun.

The whole purpose of finding the right venue is to make the party fun. Look for venues that can help you to come up with fun and unique ideas for your Christmas celebrations – such as a Steampunk theme, a Jazz theme, or even a 70s theme. If you need help choosing the ideal Christmas party venue, Red Scooter is here to help!