Corporate Event Publicity Done Right


Corporate Event Publicity Done Right. If you are planning a big corporate event in Melbourne, you need to ensure that you are publicising it properly. You want more than just your employees to show up at the event, but you need your corporate sponsors, top customers, and even the general public to attend.

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Event Publicity Done Right

So how can you publicise Corporate Event Publicity Done Right?

Send out a press release

Press releases are very effective for informing the general public of a newsworthy event. Your corporate event definitely qualifies. Within the press release, provide the details on the location, the schedule. The attire, and the purpose of the event. Keep the press release short and snappy, and make sure that it is published with a few weeks’ advance notice before the event.

Delegate the task to the right person

If you want to effectively publicise your event, you need one person to be on top of the task. They should have contacts in the media. Or should know how to go about contacting the right people to spread the word. If your company doesn’t have a full time PR manager, delegate the task to the person who is adept at networking and making new contacts.

Give them time

You’re planning your Melbourne corporate event months in advance. So give the PR person plenty of time to spread the word of the event. Even if you haven’t hammered out the final details, at least give them advanced warning so they can start reaching out to local media and finding out how to get the information out there. When you finally have the press release, press junket, and official statement, it will be much easier for them to spread the word through the contacts they have already made.

Be honest and modest

If you are promoting the launch of a new product. Don’t over-exaggerate the value of what you are going to provide. Simply state the value of the product honestly, and be certain your claims can be backed up. When contacted by a reporter or other media, don’t fabricate or exaggerate the product or service to be launched. Modesty is the key to successful promotion, as the truth always comes out in the end.

Be available to provide information

When sending out press releases and statements to the media, make sure that people are able to contact you. Provide them with all of the contact information they need, including the date and location of the event, the name of the media contact, the phone number of the contact, and an email address. Editors and reporters need to be able to find out more, as do those who will want to attend the event. Corporate Event Publicity Done Right

Corporate Event Publicity Done Right  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Corporate Event Publicity Done Right

Doing the publicity for your Melbourne corporate event can be tricky. Thankfully you’ve got Red Scooter on your team to take the guesswork out of the corporate event itself. As one of the top Melbourne corporate event venues, we know just what you need to make you shine!

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