Planning Tips to Rock Your Corporate Event

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Good planning can make or break your corporate event, so it’s in your best interest to plan an event that will improve your company’s reputation. Whether it’s an event for your suppliers, a party for your clients, or a training seminar for your employees, investing enough time in proper planning is the best way to ensure success for your corporate event.

Planning Tips to Rock Your Corporate Event

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Here are some tips to help you rock that corporate event:

  • Follow the Checklist — Write down everything you’ll need to do to set up your corporate event, and check those items off the list one at a time. Follow that checklist closely, and there’s less of a chance that you’ll forget something important.
  • Plan for Your Target Audience — Who is the event for? Is it an in-house event or training seminar? Is it in appreciation for your clients? Will it honor your suppliers? Make sure that the event theme and activities are meant for your target audience, and plan according to the guests that will be attending.
  • Be Flexible –– Finding a venue that allows for flexible seating and activity planning is the best way to ensure that you can handle any extra guests. There will always be last-minute issues with the plan, so make sure that it takes into account any unforeseen changes and problems.
  • Give People a Reason to Attend –– Just because it’s a fun event, that doesn’t mean people will show up “just because”. You need to give them a reason to attend, such as giving away awards and prizes, offering rewards, or showcasing your latest product.
  • Use All Media — You may be great at sending out press junkets and submitting press releases, but that’s not the only way to go. You should also try to use social media to help promote your event, including Twitter hashtags, messages from your company Facebook Page, LinkedIn notifications, and more. You can even buy advertising space on social media pages if you want to spread the word more effectively.
  • Hand Out Tasks — You need to decide who is going to do all of the planning for the event, and then give them the jobs that must get done. Divide up the tasks among the team so that no one is stuck doing ALL the work.
  • Treat Sponsors Like Kings –– If you have people sponsoring your corporate event, they deserve royal treatment. They are the ones making the event possible, so make sure that they know exactly what benefits they will receive as a result of their sponsorship.
  • Watch the Crowd –– See how the crowd is reacting to each of the activities in your event. If there are some that are more popular than others, save that information for the next time you plan and host a big event like this.
Rock Your Corporate Event

Photo Credit: Pulse Photography

Planning a corporate event can take months of hard work, so make sure that you’ve got the right team to help you. Why not let Red Scooter and our experts do the work of planning to make your life a whole lot easier?


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