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Do's and Don'ts for Planning an Office Christmas Party


Planning an office Christmas party can be a surprising amount of work! You’ve got a lot of things to keep in mind, and you may find a few new grey hairs when you ring in the New Year. Good news: we’ve got a few do’s and don’ts to help you as you plan your Christmas party.

Do's and Don'ts for Planning an Office Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Office Christmas Parties


  • Find the right venue — You want the party to be off-site, as throwing a party in your office can feel a bit too much like actual work. Find a good party hall or event salon, and your party stands a greater chance of success.
  • Get food, but the right food — It’s not time to sit and eat, but you want to get food that can be eaten while standing up and chatting. Make sure it’s filling food, but keep it to finger-food as much as possible.
  • Plan games, but don’t force it — Games can be a lot of fun, but forcing people to play the games can make the party a bit awkward. Instead, have a number of games planned, and make sure they involve as few or as many players as want to participate.
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable — Party hats are optional, but a good time is highly recommended! Try and help each guest feel comfortable, and keep an eye out for behavior that could make guests awkward or uncomfortable.


  • Talk shop — Let the guests know there’s a strict “No Work Talk” policy at your party, and make sure that the office politics and gossip stays at the office.
  • Invite kids —  Spouses can make the party enjoyable, but kids will make it a noisy, hectic event. Don’t forget that you have to feed kids, which will drive up the cost of the affair even further.
  • Skimp on the booze — This could be a fatal mistake that will kill your party, so make sure that you have enough alcohol for the event. You may want to stay away from too much hard alcohol, but beer, wine, and mixed drinks can make the event!
  • Allow wallflowers or cliques — Encourage people to mingle with the other guests at the party, and help those that are too shy to do so to find people they can talk to. Try to prevent cliques from forming, but let people that get along well hang out together.
  • Cater yourself — Make sure that there is a service doing the catering for you, as the food will make or break the Christmas party. Don’t be tempted to do all the food shopping yourself, but just foot the bill for a good caterer.
Do's and Don'ts for Planning an Office Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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