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Dos and Don'ts For Your Office Christmas Party


An office Christmas party is a great place for your employees to kick back and relax, and it allows them to enjoy the company of the people that they have worked hard with all year long. It can be tough to let off steam when all you want to do is go back home to your family, but the office Christmas party is an important part of company bonding.

Dos and Don'ts For Your Office Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Worried that things could get out of hand? Here are a few do’s and don’ts you may want to share with some of your more unruly employees:


  • Enjoy — The most important thing is to have fun, but other people need to have fun to. Make sure that your enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of others, or that it doesn’t make them uncomfortable.
  • Eat Your Fill –– You are paying for good food, so your employees should be able to enjoy it. Just be certain that everyone gets enough, and that no one person is taking all of one or two food items.
  • Drink –– It’s nice to be able to kick back and relax, and alcohol plays a big role in that relaxation. It’s great to be able to drink and enjoy the company of others around you.
  • Keep it Fun –– When you talk with the others partying alongside you, try to keep the conversation as light and fun as possible. No one wants to hear about your misery during the office Christmas party, so keep personal woes to yourself.
  • Avoid Gossip –– Office gossip is definitely going to ruin the party, so take a step back anytime you hear someone dishing about someone else.
Dos and Don'ts For Your Office Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Christmas Party Venue


  • Drink Too Much — You know that things in an office party can go from fun to terrible in seconds, particularly if there is alcohol in the mix.  Keep your drinking to a reasonable limit, and you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Let Your Hands Roam –– Many people in the party are married or in relationships, or just uninterested in your advances. Keep your hands to yourself.
  • Hog the Boss –– The boss wants to kick back and relax, and the office Christmas party isn’t the place to hog his time and attention. You may be up for that big promotion, but you’ll be more likely to get it if you just let the boss have fun himself.
  • Share Photos –– No matter how hilarious they are, the photos of your coworkers doing silly things or getting drunk never leave the party.
  • Dress Inappropriately –-That awful Christmas sweater and tie may be alright, but dressing too comical or wearing inappropriate clothing is definitely going to be a no-no for your office Christmas party.
  • Leave Early –– The party should be over at a reasonable hour, so try to stick it out until the end. If everyone leaves early, the party will die out too quickly.

About the Author:

This list has been compiled thanks to our years of experience of throwing awesome office Christmas parties. At Red Scooter, we know how to keep your employees’ attention long enough for them to enjoy their office party. Let us help you make your Christmas soiree an event to remember all year long!