Drinks for Your University Balls


Drinks for Your University Balls

Wondering what Drinks for Your University Balls? Who doesn’t love a good university party? If there is anyone that knows how to party like a pro, it’s a university student. With few cares in the world beyond getting good grades, they’ve got all the time in the world to dance like a maniac and party the night away!

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University Function Beverages

If you’re planning a university ball, there’s no way that you can throw a party without plenty of alcohol. University students may be lightweights, but that doesn’t stop them from drinking. It’s time to find out which alcohols to avoid, and which to have a lot of.

Get Plenty Of Drinks for Your University Balls


When it comes to a university party, the one thing that you need a lot of is beer. University students chug beer like it’s water, and most of their party games revolve around beer – think beer pong, keg stands, and so on. The good thing about beer is that it’s not too strong, and it is very filling! Light beer is the king of drinks at the university party, as it’s essentially a watered-down drink that will require a whole lot to get them wasted.

Expensive Beer

If there are a few wallflowers in the crowd, this is the drink you want to give them. It will be enjoyable, and may contain just enough liquid courage to encourage them onto the dance floor.

Drinks for Your University Balls  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Drinks for Your University Balls

Be Limited In Your Use Of:


Who doesn’t love a good round of shots? Unfortunately, the purpose of this party isn’t to get the students drunk, so make sure to only have a limited amount of hard alcohol on hand. The sooner you “run out of” shots, the lower the chance someone will get plastered.

Mixed Drinks

Coke, orange juice, Sprite, and all those other sweet mixers are a must, but keep them limited as well. They can make you sick faster than anything else!

Jungle Juice

Keep an eye out for this one – essentially a drink made from the leftovers of nearly empty cups around the party hall. It’s stronger than a kick in the gut, and God only knows what’s in it.

Drinks for Your University Balls  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Beverages for your University Event

Stay Away From:


As delicious as they are, the sweetness in the drinks will have your university students spending the evening crouched over the toilet. Sugar makes it more likely that they will get sick when they drink too much, so keep the cocktails reserved for the faculty members only.


This isn’t a fancy dinner party – it’s a bunch of young adults drinking and partying. Save the good wine for another occasion, and keep the cheap wine away from the students.

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