Find the Right Corporate Event Planner


Find the Right Corporate Event Planner

If you’re looking to Find the Right Corporate Event Planner-or team–to organise your Melbourne corporate event, it may be hard to know who to choose. After all, with so many corporate event venues in Melbourne, you may have too many options to narrow down easily.

Find the Right Corporate Event Planner  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Find the Right Corporate Event Planner


Here’s what you need to know about finding the RIGHT event planner for your big corporate event:

Your Corporate Event Planner Should:

Be Creative

You’re going to need help coming up with the theme. The entertainment, and the activities for the corporate event. If your event planner waits for you to tell them everything, it puts all the work on you. Instead, you want an event planner that can be creative and come up with ideas that will help make your event planning much easier.

Have a Working Knowledge of Design and Décor

Setting up Melbourne corporate event venues is A LOT of work. You may have no idea how and where to get started. Thankfully, a good event planner has a working knowledge of not just interior design–i.e. setting up tables and chairs for maximum efficiency–but they also know décor and how to make your event venue look awesome!

Be Able to Work With You to Narrow Down Ideas.

You no doubt have dozens of ideas to make your corporate event awesome. How many of those ideas can you realistically incorporate into one single event? Working with an event planner, you can go through your list of ideas and get rid of any that are impractical or unfeasible. By the time you’re done working through the list together. You’ll have come up with an actionable plan for your corporate event.

Follow Through

Not only do you need help to plan the event, but someone has to do the work of making phone calls to catering, venues, entertainment, etc. The whole purpose of hiring an event planner is to take that work off your plate. And your event planner should be able to follow through on your plan and make it happen. If you need to chase after the event planner just to get things done, you may have hired the wrong one!

Keep Things on Track

Working with a committee or team is a big responsibility. But the right event planner can help to keep your team on track. There will no doubt be responsibilities delegated to your various team members, and the event planner should be in touch frequently to ensure that the tasks are being handled.


If a problem arises with the event, your event planner should be able to tell you. “Look, we have a problem.” You need to trust that your event planner will bring any issues to you, rather than just trying to muddle through or get by without it.

Find the Right Corporate Event Planner  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Find the Right Event Planner

Finding the right planner for your Melbourne corporate event can be a challenge. Thankfully Red Scooter can take the work off your hands. Our team of rock star event planners will make your life a whole lot easier, and you can trust that we’ll pull off your corporate event without a hitch!

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