Got Extra Room in Your Wedding Budget?

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What do you do when you find yourself with a bit of money left over after all of your wedding expenses are covered? You could always put that money toward your honeymoon, but why not spend that little bit extra on something that will make your wedding extra special?

Here are a few ways to put your “extra” to good use:

  • Add more spirits — Who doesn’t want the alcohol to flow at their wedding? Instead of drinking more on your honeymoon, why not open the bar at the wedding reception and let your guests have a good time? Either that, or serve a few more cocktails each!
  • Add another entrée — Give your guests more options to choose from, or just give them a bit more food to satisfy their hunger after a long afternoon of wedding ceremony, toasts, and speeches. If they’re going to dance the night away, a bit more food will go down nicely!
Got Extra Room in Your Wedding Budget?

Add more spirits to cover all the guests tastes

  • Add an extra hour — No one likes to end the party when they’re in the mood for dancing, but you may have to pay for extra time. If you’ve got a bit of money, it’s worth adding an extra hour or two to the event to give your guests the chance to dance until the cows come home.
  • Add more entertainment — You’ve got a DJ or a band, but why not look into hiring acrobats, a stand-up comedian, or a celebrity to attend your wedding? It can be a fun way to increase the entertainment factor of your big day.
Got Extra Room in Your Wedding Budget?

More entertainment will ensure the night is remembered

  • Add to the décor –– If you’ve already covered all the other wedding costs, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading your wedding venue décor. An ice sculpture, larger floral arrangements or ceiling drapery can all make the wedding look more festive.
  • Add desserts — You’ve got the wedding cake, but everyone loves desserts. It may be a good idea to add more “sweet treats” to the wedding–a chocolate fountain, chocolates in the wedding favours, a dessert bar, etc.
Got Extra Room in Your Wedding Budget?

Everyone loves dessert so why not include a few extra treats

  • Upgrade your transportation — Who doesn’t want to pull up to their wedding reception in a limousine? Why not have a hot air balloon transport you and your new spouse back to your hotel, or take you to the airport? You could even hire a helicopter to swoop down and pick you up for your honeymoon!
  • Add to the wedding favours — Why not add something elegant to the wedding favours? It could be something as simple as dropping in a few more chocolates, mini-muffins and cookies into the bags, or you could even spend a bit of money on real, valuable swag!