Great Games to Play at Your Bridal Shower


A bridal shower is the perfect prelude to your wedding, a celebration of your final days as a single woman. If your wedding is already planned–including catering, the Melbourne wedding venue, the entertainment, etc.–it’s time to kick back and enjoy your bridal shower!

Great Games to Play at Your Bridal Shower  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Bridal Shower Games

Here are a few fun games you can play at your bachelorette party:

  • Forbidden Words — At the beginning of the night, hand out a decorative pin to each member of the bachelorette party. Throughout the night, if anyone says the forbidden words–“church”, “wedding”, “marriage”, “bride”, “(groom’s name)”, etc.–you are allowed to steal their pin. The person who has the most pins at the end of the night wins a prize.
  • Ribbon Bouquet –– There will no doubt be many presents given to the future bride at the bridal shower, and the bride can collect all of the ribbondos from the myriad presents. Once they have collected the ribbons, they can make a ribbon bouquet to carry at the wedding ceremony.
  • “What She Said” –– Want to have a bit of harmless fun at the bride’s expense? As she is opening the bridal shower presents, have someone write down all of the comments she makes. At the end of the night, read them aloud to get people laughing.
  • Shower Gift Bingo –– Hand guests cards with a blank 5×5 grid. Have them each fill out the grid with items they think the bride will receive as gifts during the bridal shower. As she goes opening the gifts, everyone has to mark off the gifts received. The first one to get five in a row–vertically, diagonally, or horizontally–wins a prize.
  • Wedding Pictionary –– Who doesn’t love a good game of Pictionary? Use wedding-related words, and have your guests draw for the others to guess.
  • Wedding Dictionary — Look up old-fashioned or outdated wedding terms, and use them as the basis of a game of Dictionary. In this game, everyone is given a word that they are unfamiliar with, and they have to write what they think the definition is. You’ll find that it’s a whole lot of fun, especially after a few cocktails!
  • Marriage Recipes –– Have all of the guests write down what they believe to be a good “recipe for marriage” to be, but without signing their name to the card. The bride needs to read the recipes aloud and try to guess who wrote which.
  • Bridal Shower Photo Album –– Have all of the guests take a selfie with the bride, and use those pictures to make a beautiful photo album recording the night’s fun. Or, you can have each of the guests bring a selfie or a picture with the bride, and tell the story behind the photo as they insert it into the empty photo album.
Great Games to Play at Your Bridal Shower  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Great Games for a Bridal Shower

Your bridal shower should be fun and relaxing, so let Red Scooter do the work of organising and hosting the event for you. With our help, it will be a night to remember!

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