Here’s how we Kick Start the Fun!


The Red Scooter wedding reception experience begins before you enter the venue. As guests approach the first floor wedding reception venue, with its red door and stripped red awning, they are guided into designated car parks by an attendant, using an aircraft landing torch and wearing an illuminated safety jacket. They are met at the door with a drink and ushered inside by staff dressed in black logo shirts and black pants. Wow! What a welcome!

The wedding reception starts with jazz, swing or funk in the back ground, while guests mingle. There’s a giant chair, video games on the mezzanine and the bar top is inlaid with the working parts of a dozen pinball machines, flashing lights and all. There’s even an in-house DJ. Hey! This place is fun! No wonder this Melbourne wedding reception venue is often chosen for Hollywood wrap parties. When the music industry chooses Red Scooter for a CD launch, you know this place is hot!

This cool Melbourne wedding reception venue seats up to 275 people and runs like clockwork. Coming from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue, our wedding guests are always starving, so we make sure we serve big waves of finger food as they mingle. The emphasis is on bite-sized gourmet presentation. All our food is prepared on the premises by Joel Reilly our Executive chef. Meanwhile the band will start to warm up, or the background music is kept low and subtle while the meet and greet part of the of the wedding reception takes place. There’s a separate welcoming area for guests to mingle and all age groups are neutered. If our Melbourne DJ’s, are on the decks, they controls the atmosphere throughout the wedding reception. They know the venue and have the ability to read the crowd and create the ambience. We keep in radio contact with the car park so we know when the bride and groom have arrived. That way we can alert the wedding reception guests who like to gather to welcome them. We have a special bridal retreat, a private area so that the couple can relax for awhile and get their breath after such an exciting day.

The Red Scooter’s printed menus are only a guide. We’re happy to make suggestions and pool ideas in both the choice of decorations and food and can always adjust our menus for dietary reasons. We are flexible but the guiding hand is always there if you need it. After the wedding cake is cut and a funky bridal waltz announced – the staff may whisk the cake away and incorporate it in to a dessert or place it on the buffet. If the wedding reception cake is chocolate mud cake for example, it may be presented with delicious fresh strawberries and cream. This is a dessert option that doesn’t cost anymore and Red Scooter is happy to do that.

When the wedding reception eventually winds down, the car park attendants are alerted and are there to ensure your safe and speedy departure. They don’t leave until all the guests are either in limos, taxis or their own cars. It’s all part of the wedding package, the memorable wedding reception venue in Melbourne experience.

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Here’s how we Kick Start the Fun!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: Desiren Photography & Video

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