Hiring a Wedding DJ 101


If you’ve settled on hiring a DJ for your wedding, you’ve no doubt weighed up the pros and cons of DJ vs band. A DJ is a great choice for those that want a lot of music, and in a wide variety of styles.

So, you’ve decided to hire a DJ — now what? Here’s everything you need to know about hiring the right DJ for your wedding:

Hiring a Wedding DJ 101  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Band Versus DJ


Be Prepared to Drop $1,000 — Not all DJs offer their services at the same price, and you’ll find that the cost of hiring a DJ will vary. However, if you want a DJ to play al during the wedding and reception, be ready to drop at least $1,000. You may not want to hire Melbourne’s costliest DJ, but you certainly don’t want an amateur playing your wedding.

Always Go With Experience — There is one thing that sets the average DJ apart from the greats: experience. The best DJs for your wedding will be the ones that have experience DJing at weddings. Forget about DJs with experience at university parties, formal events, and corporate fiestas. Always go with the DJ that has experience doing weddings.

Hiring a Wedding DJ 101  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Sign a Specific Contract — It’s recommended that you hire the owner of a DJ company, as they’ll usually be the DJ with the most experience. Even if you don’t hire the master DJ himself, choose the DJ with the best wedding experience and name him in the contract. This will ensure that you get the right DJ at your wedding. With his name in the contract, he’s obligated to show up – instead of being switched out for an amateur.

Ask Around — If you want to find the best DJ, it’s going to take some work. You may find that most of your friends have gone with a live band for their wedding, so you’ll need to ask coworkers, your event planner, and others which DJs they recommend for your event. Be prepared to ask a lot of people about DJs, as that’s the best way to get a lot of input from a wide variety of sources.

Always Meet in Person — Many DJs will talk to you over the phone, but you should always ask to see a recent video performance of the DJ in order to know how well they work. It’s sort of the DJ’s audition, and they usually have a video presentation ready for potential clients to view.

Audition Them — Want to be sure you’re getting the right DJ? Ask for a 5-minute tryout, and bring a list of songs you want your DJ to find for you. Make some of them obscure and hard to find, and see how he reacts. If he scrambles and can’t find the song, he’s probably not the right one for you. A good DJ can handle any request.

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