How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues


How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues

Wondering How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues? There are a few things you need to take into account when looking for the ideal conference venues:

How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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The Location

Is the venue near the airport – making it easy for those arriving from around the country to reach it? Is there sufficient parking at the venue, or will guests have to find somewhere to park nearby? Whats public transportation like? What will the weather be like on the day of the event (outdoor venues may not be ideal during winter months)? Are there nearby attractions, as well as places for your attendees to eat – if catering isn’t an option? Will other local events (St. Patrick’s Day parades, local marathons, etc.) make the event a challenge? How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues.

The Facilities

Do your conference venues have enough space to fit all of the people attending the event? Usually there will be a certain number of guests in attendance, but also support staff – caterers, technicians, photographers, your team of planners, etc. Does the venue provide all of the rooms you need, including conference rooms, a room for a coffee and tea service, dining rooms, smaller meeting rooms, etc.? Does it come with all of the equipment you’ll need for your event, or will you have to hire a company to provide the equipment for you?

How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

How to Choose the Perfect Conference Venues

The Refreshments

Food and drinks are supremely important at any conference or event you may have. Will you make bottled water available to the guests, or will you bring in soda and juice as well? Is there a coffee/tea station where guests can serve themselves any time they want. Or will there be a predetermined coffee break? Will you be serving lunch or dinner to the guests, or will there be a small luncheon – complete with appetizers and finger-foods? Will you need to bring in alcohol (for a party), or will you be providing simple food and drink?

The Budget

Is your budget able to handle everything that you want to do, or will you have to eliminate one or two activities in order to accommodate the needs of the guests? Are you able to afford a complete catered meal for the guests, or should you stick with simple refreshments in order to offer them all day long? Is there any way that the conference venues can offer you a packaged deal on the entire event, or will they allow you to bring in third-party catering, equipment, and staff in order to keep your costs low? It’s important to stay under-budget, so plan your event carefully!

Have you ever planned an event of this magnitude before? If not, you’ll soon realize just how much work goes into pulling off something like this without a hitch.

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