How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress


Finding the “perfect” wedding dress is just as important as finding the right wedding venue in Melbourne for your big day. You want to look absolutely stunning as you walk down that aisle, so you have to get your hands on a good wedding dress that fits you, isn’t too costly, and which makes you look like the dream bride you want to be.

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Wedding Dresses

Here is how to find your perfect wedding dress:

  1. Start shopping well in advance — Before you start looking for the Melbourne wedding venue, tasting cakes, or looking for the right catering company, you need to shop for your wedding dress. Give yourself at least three to six months to shop around for a dress, and you can be certain to do so without pressure or stress that time is running out.
  2. Consider the style of wedding — Are you going with the classic white wedding, or are you planning a beach or mountain wedding? Consider the theme and dress code of your wedding to help you choose the right dress.
  3. Evaluate your body type — Now it’s time to be critical when looking at yourself in the mirror, as you need to buy the right dress according to your body type.
    • Pear-shaped women look good in dresses that flare out at the bottom, and a plunging neckline helps to bring out a slim upper body.
    • Heavy women should avoid pleated dresses, but should look for dresses where the skirt starts just beneath the bust. Satiny dresses will provide structure.
    • Busty women look good in a scooped neckline, and you should consider a sweetheart neckline to accentuate your décolletage.
  4. Go for comfort — If you’re uncomfortable in your wedding dress, you’re going to have one long wedding day. Make sure that your wedding dress is nice and comfortable, and that you can sit and walk easily in the thing. Make sure to walk around in it when trying it on, and take big deep breaths to see how it will feel as you dance and move.
  5. Consider a bridesmaids dress — This may sound silly, but you can save a small fortune on your dress if you are planning a simple wedding. Bridesmaids dresses are far cheaper than wedding gowns, but some of them can actually look as elegant as a simple wedding dress. No one will be the wiser, and you’ll cut the cost of your wedding by a lot!
  6. Talk to a seamstress — Want to get a dress made just for you at a decent price? You may find that local seamstresses will cost you far less than a wedding gown designer, and you can have your own personalized dress made to order at a fraction of the price.
How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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