How to Have an Awesome Bachelorette Party


Your bachelorette party is essentially your last hurrah, your way of saying farewell to the world of single men and women. If you’ve already found your wedding dress, chosen the Melbourne wedding venue, and booked the catering, you’re no doubt ready for your big day. All that’s left to do is enjoy your awesome bachelorette party, thrown for you by the maid of honour and the bridesmaids.

How to Have an Awesome Bachelorette Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Here are some tips to help you have a bachelorette party you’ll remember for the rest of your life:

  • Choose a cool theme — You don’t have to go with the classic phallic party theme, but instead you can opt for something a bit more creative. Try the Jazz Age, Disco Era, Neon Lights, or any of the other themes we’ve got for you.
  • The bride makes the guest list — Instead of inviting friends of friends, ask the bride for who she wants to attend her soiree. It will keep the party small and will make it more enjoyable for her.
  • Make it fun for the bride –– It’s all about you, so it should include something you love. Whether it’s wine tasting, visiting a male revue show, or strolling through a museum, make it a party you enjoy.
  • Book ahead of time — Planning your bachelorette party well in advance of the event will help you to get lower prices on everything, making it possible for you to include more into the event without raising the cost too much.
  • Plan, but don’t cram — How many activities are you trying to fit into your bachelorette party/weekend? You should make sure that there is always something for you to do, but don’t pack the event so full of fun that you don’t have time to enjoy yourselves and relax.
  • Take it off the bride’s plate –– The bride should have some say in what happens at her bachelorette party, but the bridesmaids and maid of honor should do the work of planning. The bride already has a lot on her plate with the wedding itself.
  • Make it a surprise –– If you want to make it fun for the bride, throw her a surprise bachelorette party. Work it out with the future husband, and steal her away for a weekend of fun.
  • Try something new –– Instead of going to a male revue show for your bachelorette party like everyone else, try something new and creative. Take jet skis out on the bay, go on a yacht cruise, or take a pole dancing class. New and creative can be a lot of fun!
  • Capture photos of the event — Unless you’re at a club or revue show where photos are not wise, it’s time to get out that camera and snap as many pictures as you can. It will help you keep the memories of the fun time you had.
How to Have an Awesome Bachelorette Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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With Red Scooter’s help, you can throw a bachelorette party like no other! Our elegant Melbourne event venue is one of the best in the city, and our team of party planning experts are amazing at what they do.

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