How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget


How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget

Are you looking for How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget? The coming of age celebration for Jewish boys and girls is probably the largest event in their young lives, so it’s important that you plan the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah properly. A lot goes into the traditional Jewish celebration, and you’ll find that the entire Jewish community will rally around the soon-to-be young man or woman to celebrate the big day.

How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Bar Mitzvah Theme

It’s a day to go big, but why spend big if you don’t have to? Here are some ways to trim your bar or bat mitzvah budget:

Trim the Guest List

How many guests do you really need at the big event? It is a big day for your son or daughter, but they don’t need their neighbour’s second cousin to help celebrate the event with them. Pare down the guest list to the relatives and friends that SHOULD be invited, and that will help you keep your budget right on track.

Consider an Alternative

Just because most bar mitzvahs take place in hotel party halls, that doesn’t mean that yours has to. Why not hold the event outside, at a nearby camp, or in some other unique venue? You can find venues that are much cheaper, and you can give your son or daughter a party that’s as unique as it gets. How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget.

How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget

Double Up

Is one of your son or daughter’s friends having their bar or bat mitzvah at the same time of year? Rather than throwing two separate parties, combine the two into one. It will help you to cut many of the costs in half, but the day will be just as memorable for the young men and women attending the party.

Take a Trip

Did you know that the cost of having a bar or bat mitzvah in Israel is actually cheaper. Than throwing one of the extravagant affairs demanded by many Jewish families? Of course, you’ll only be sponsoring the tickets and accommodations for your family. But anyone that wants to come to the big event can fly out if they want. It’s a great way to remind your son or daughter of their roots.

Cater Intelligently

Don’t feed small children the same meal as adults. Pizza and hot dogs are much cheaper than chicken and salmon. If you want to cut costs further, skip the service and go straight for a buffet.

How to Trim Your Bar Mitzvah Budget  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Bat Mitzvah Venue

The truth is that this is a big event in the life of your son or daughter. So it’s a party that you want to get right. Instead of stressing out about it yourself. Let our award-winning team of experts at Red Scooter do the work of planning the event for you. We’ll handle all the details of your bar or bat mitzvah. And you can focus on giving your son or daughter the best coming of age party ever. Our unique venue offers a memorable experience that they’ll never forget. Uur flexible packages will help you to cut costs like a pro.

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