Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue


When looking at Melbourne wedding venues for your wedding, it’s important to know EVERYTHING about the venue. We’re not just talking how many people it can fit and how great it will look in photographs, but we mean all the little details that you rarely find out about until it’s too late.

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

When talking with the wedding venue in Melbourne, here are some important questions to ask:

  • What night is the cheapest? — Saturday night is ALWAYS the most expensive night, but you’ll find that both Friday and Sunday nights are cheaper–the weeknights being the cheapest. If you want to keep costs low, ask for a cheaper night.
  • What services are provided with the venue? — Most venues will offer the standard room, access to the venue, and prep stations for the catering, but not all will provide the sound equipment, tables and chairs, linens, tableware, and so on. You need to find out EXACTLY what the venue is offering so you’ll know what else you need to budget for.
  • What is your policy on alcohol? — All wedding venues in Melbourne expect alcohol to flow freely, but do they charge for it? If the venue isn’t providing the bar and catering, they may charge a corkage fee (a fee per bottle of alcohol). If the venue does provide the bar, is it an open bar? Will you pay a flat fee for alcohol, or according to the guests’ consumption?
  • What are the restroom facilities like? — Fun fact: you need at least two bathroom stalls per 100 guests, and four or more stalls if you have more than 150 guests. Make sure the restroom facilities can handle your guests WITHOUT long lines forming.
  • Are there any restrictions? — Every wedding venue in Melbourne has its quirks. Some are near residential areas, so they may need to close the party at a certain time. Some sites are specific about fire hazards, and the list goes on and on. Better to find out BEFORE you plan the wedding details.
  • How accessible is the venue to the disabled? — Are there wheelchair ramps leading in and out of the wedding venue? Is there a handicapped stall in the bathroom? Your wedding venue should always have disabled-accessible facilities, and you should always walk through the venue beforehand to make sure that it meets the needs of anyone in your wedding party in a wheelchair.
Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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So many questions to ask, it’s hard to remember them all! Thankfully, you’ve got the Red Scooter team to do the work for you. Not only are we the best wedding venue in Melbourne, but we’ve got everything you need to throw one heck of a wedding.

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