Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding can be a hugely stressful affair, but unfortunately for you, most of the planning falls squarely onto your shoulders as the bride. Men are capable of planning weddings, but they are going to do it their way–and that you simply cannot have!

Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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You may have already chosen your Melbourne wedding venue, but there’s still SO MUCH more to do! Don’t let him get away from his responsibility, but include him in the wedding planning by having him:

  • Design the wedding announcement — If your man has skills with graphic design or layout, he’ll be the perfect candidate to design your wedding announcement. You may not want to trust the wedding invitations to him, but at least he can design a card or presentation informing your family and friends that you are going to tie the knot.
  • Negotiate with vendors — Your wedding vendors are going to try to play hardball with their prices, but you may find that your future husband is quite the negotiator. Let him know how much of a discount you’d like to get–or will NEED to get to stay in your wedding budget–and let him deal with the vendors. Men are often skilled negotiators.
  • Plan the budget — He probably knows how much you two can afford for this wedding, so let him handle the task of planning your wedding budget. Men love to handle the money, and giving him this job will help him feel included in the planning process.
  • Tip the vendors –– Give him the task of putting the vendor tips into various envelopes, signing the envelopes with the vendors’ names, and bringing those tip envelopes to the wedding. The envelopes will help him to be organized, and once again he’ll feel useful because he’s handling the money.
  • Write his own vows –– It’s a good way for him to express in his own words how he feels for you, and you can appeal to the romantic in him.
  • Handle the entertainment –– Let him know what sort of music you want–be it a live band or a DJ–and give him the task of finding and booking the entertainment. Always retain veto power if he has found a group or DJ that you really don’t like, but let him do the work of finding and interviewing the bands and DJs.
  • Throw a wine-tasting party — Can’t decide which wine to serve at your wedding? Have your groom buy a few bottles of each type of wine you’re stuck on, and have him organize a wine-tasting party for your friends. Let them help you make the decision, and keep him involved by letting him handle the party.
Involve the Groom in Wedding Planning  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, and both bride and groom play important roles in the wedding planning process! Our Red Scooter team can help you to plan your wedding down to the tiniest detail, and we’ll take the pressure off your back by handling everything on the day of your big event.

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