Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?


Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?

Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue? When most people plan conferences, the first place they consider for the conference venues is hotels. With luxurious hotels like the Grand Hyatt, the Mariott, the Langham, and the Art Series Hotels to choose from, there are many elegant places where you can hold your conference.

Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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But Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?

Pros and Cons of Hotels as Conference Venues


  • Facilities — You can bet that most of these hotels have conference rooms. Theater rooms, party halls, and all of the small meeting rooms you could need for your conferences.
  • Equipment –– Most hotels host parties on a regular basis, so they’ll have all of the equipment you need for the event.
  • Accessibility –– Hotels are all about convenience for their guests, so you know that there will be plenty of parking space, access for the disabled, nearby bathrooms, and even rooms for those visiting from out of town.
  • Comfort –– A hotel has one thing in mind: the comfort of their guests. You can bet that they’ll offer very comfortable accommodations for your event.
  • Catering –– Hotels always have a kitchen, so providing catering and refreshments for your conference will be an easy task. Whether you just need a coffee/tea station or you want three square meals for your guests, hotels can provide them.
  • Image — Luxury hotels provide the attendants of your event a very good image of your company. After all, if you can spring for the costly corporate venues at world-class hotels, you must be doing well.
  • Staff — Hotels are easily able to provide staff for all of your events. They can offer waiters and servers to help you with your breaks, meals, and parties, and the hotel manager will ensure that everything runs smoothly. They always have maintenance personnel on hand to deal with any problems.
Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Is a Hotel an Ideal Conference Venue?


  • Cost — While hotels do try to offer packaged deals for their conference venues. The truth is that they will usually be pretty costly deals. You may have to drop a few of the activities you wanted to incorporate into your event, or else risk going way over-budget thanks to the high cost of renting world-class hotels for your company or corporate events.
  • Limited Technology — While hotels usually do have the basic audio visual equipment, they may not be up to date with the latest video conferencing equipment, smart boards, and the other equipment you’ll need for the event. You may have to bring your own equipment, or else hire a company to provide the equipment that the hotel doesn’t offer.

The main drawback to choosing hotels as conference venues is the cost – it’s just that simple. If you opt for a world-class hotel like the Hyatt or the Mariott. You can expect to pay top price for the venue.

Instead, why not look for more accommodating options – like Red Scooter, one of Melbourne’s premier conference venues? You’ll find that we’re one of the most versatile venues in the city. Our location in Melbourne’s City Center makes us a great choice.

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