Look for these Little Details When Visiting Wedding Venues


Visiting wedding venues is the only way you’ll find the best one for your big day. There are so many factors to take into account, such as the price, the location, the size of the wedding venue, proximity to wedding receptions, and so on. But, don’t forget to keep an eye out for these small details often forgotten when planning the wedding:

Look for these Little Details When Visiting Wedding Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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  • Guest Route — When your guests enter the wedding venue, will they walk through a hotel lobby, a room under construction, or a side entrance? It may sound silly, but you should walk the route your guests will take. After all, you want your guest route to pass through beautiful rooms and halls.
  • Bathrooms — If you don’t think bathrooms are important, you’ve never been cramped in a room with 100+ others all needing to use the restroom. Check out the bathroom situation at both the wedding venue and the reception venue to ensure your guests won’t have to deal with crazy long lines. Also, make sure the bathrooms are close and accessible, both for parents with small children and those with disabilities.
  • Heating/Cooling — For those getting married during the Melbourne summer, imagine how sweltering it will be if the AC isn’t working. Melbourne winters don’t get too chilly, but you may need some heating. If the room is very drafty with wide open windows and doors, it may be hard to chill or heat.
  • Power Sockets — This is a surprisingly important factor to consider. Your DJ or band will need to plug in, as will your MC. Many of your guests will want to charge their phones, and the photographer/videographer may need to recharge the camera. Make sure there are enough power sockets handy, or let your guests know there are none available.
  • Catering/Delivery Access –– Do you want the caterers to have to bring your meal through the front door as your guests are filing in? Caterers can get pretty annoyed if there isn’t easy access to the wedding venues or reception venues, so make sure they can easily get the food and beverages to the serving area without your guests getting in the way.
  • Smells and Sounds ––  Is the wedding venue next to a park? Will church bells be ringing out the hour? Is construction being done nearby? Is the smell of the port floating in through the doors of the venue? Think about how the wedding venue and reception venue smells, as well as whether or not there is a lot of noise floating around.

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These small details are precisely the kind that you tend to forget, but that’s why you need the help of our Red Scooter experts. We’ve got a pages-long checklist that can help you choose the ideal venue, and take into account all the little issues as well as the big one. With our team at your disposal, planning your wedding will be a cinch! Give us a call and find out how we can make your dream wedding happen!

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