Melbourne University Ball


When I was at university, class didn’t particularly excite me. The long hours on and off campus were dull to say the least, only made better by the amazing friends I spent my uni life with. But the highlight of every year was the annual Uni Ball, organised by the delightful group of students that had enough spare time to devote to such a task. The opportunity to get glammed up, party with cool kids and have a fabulous reason to skip classes the next day will never lose its appeal!

Melbourne University Ball  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

University Ball Melbourne

Now, well past my own uni years, it’s still so refreshing to see young students organising and attending so many events. More and more we are getting enquiries from eager young students preparing what is sure to be ‘the best uni ball ever!’. They are well on their way, having taken the first step by coming to Red Scooter!  The past two weeks we have hosted both Briggs Hall and Jackomos Hall from Monash University for their annual University Balls. With a masquerade and a  good old fashioned “look good” theme, both events were a complete success for all those involved. From our side, it’s about providing a fun, unique and safe environment for our guests, where they are treated like superstars, fed like kings and have plenty of dance space!

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Melbourne University Ball  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Masquerade Themed University Ball

Photos courtesy of Pulse Photography

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