More Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding


We’ve already given you a lot of tips on how to save big on your Melbourne wedding venue, catering, dress, cake, and more, but here are even MORE tips on cutting expenses on your big day:

More Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Save big on your wedding planning

  1. Find public spaces — Zoos, aquariums, historical sites, and art galleries are usually happy to rent out space for your wedding for a low price. Not only can you get a beautiful wedding venue in Melbourne, but it can be unique AND affordable.
  2. Think community — Are you in the military, a member of a church, or an affiliate of some other organization? You may find that your membership could get you a great deal on a great venue, catering, and other services.
  3. Find a vacation home — A beautiful villa may cost less to rent for a few days than a traditional wedding venue would for a single event. Plus, you have a beautiful place to stay to rest before and after the big event.
  4. Leave town — It may be a bit expensive to shuttle your family and friends to a venue outside Melbourne, but you can save big on the venue costs by traveling a few miles out of the city.
  5. Shrink the list and travel — Make your wedding a destination event, but keep the guest list limited to only family and important friends.
  6. Go BnB — There are many cute Bed and Breakfast venues around the Australian countryside, and they’re both cheap and ideal if you’re looking into a small wedding.
  7. Keep the rehearsal dinner simple — Do you really need to go all out at a local restaurant or pub for your rehearsal dinner? Why not throw a backyard BBQ or even a fancy dinner from the comfort of your own home? It’s much cheaper that way!
  8. Cut reception time — Did you know keeping the length of your reception to three hours is MUCH cheaper than 4 or more?
  9. Consider a winter wedding — Many Melbourne wedding venues are sold out over the spring and summer, but they empty out during the winter. Getting married at the coldest time of year may help you find a very cheap venue.
  10. Make it a cocktail party — Instead of hosting a huge reception–complete with all the food and drink your guests could want–trim the budget by making it a cocktail affair. With finger foods and plenty of drinks, your guests will fill up and enjoy themselves, but at a much lower price to you.
  11. Find the talents in your friends — Do you know someone artistic who could do the flowers? Is one of your friends GREAT with hair and makeup? Find the talents in your friends that will help you plan the wedding at a lower cost!
More Tips to Save Big on Your Wedding  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Save big on your wedding reception

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