Part 2: Cocktail vs Sit-down – The Format Debate!


As discussed in my earlier blog, the debate over wedding format is not always easily won. The pros and cons of each style have to be weighed up equally before settling on one particular layout. Today we discuss the sit-down dinner reception – classic or old fashioned?

Part 2: Cocktail vs Sit-down – The Format Debate!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Asiette Entree

There are two scenarios we encounter quite often with sit down events – the couple that has always dreamed of their traditional formal 3-course meal; and the couples who are a little more hesitant, but whose guests will expect a sit down dinner.  For many brides their wedding day is something they have dreamed about for years; not just about the dress, the hair, the ceremony and the man (on a side note after the most important things!) but the reception also. It is a rare occasion for family and friends to get dressed to the nines, experience exceptional service and food and celebrate the nuptials of a loved one.

The major benefits of a sit down dinner? Relaxation and ease. Guests find their seats and the service comes to them. Most wedding venues will have table service for drinks, making trips to the bar a thing of the past! Once seated their meals are delivered and cleared in a hassle free manner with no waiting around for food. Seating and table allocation is also entirely up to you. Occasionally weddings have one or two guests who really don’t like each other… the perfect way to avoid an unwanted argument on your special day? Opposite ends of the room!

This said, the real stand out feature of is the ability to theme your space. Linen, centrepieces, flowers, bonbonnieres and candles…the list is endless. The décor available for themeing tables is limitless – have a look at some of the arrangements we have had here!

Part 2: Cocktail vs Sit-down – The Format Debate!  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Red Scooter Table Setting


Most venues offer a few different packages to choose from, but the key is flexibility. The venues ability to adapt the style of service to the particular needs of their clients is most important. When looking for a venue ask about menus, the options available, any variations you may want to include (eg antipasto or cheese platters) and costs for these. If food is the most important aspect for you, ensure you schedule a menu tasting, these are the best indication of what will be served on the evening in terms of the taste, portion size and presentation.

The most important factor in deciding a format is happiness. That you are completely satisfied with the menus, the way your food will be served, service times and the layout so that you go into your wedding carefree and totally content with your preparations.

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