Perfect Proposal Planning Pointers

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Before you can find that perfect Melbourne wedding venue, choose the linen, and design your cake, there’s one crucial step you need to get just right: the proposal. Asking that person of your dreams to marry you needs to be done right, so here are some of our expert tips on how to nail your proposal:

Perfect Proposal Planning Pointers

Perfect Proposal Planning

  1. Make it a family thing — If you really want the moment to be special for your significant other, have their family in hiding and waiting to join you once they say “yes”. It will make the happy moment so much happier if their family can share it with them.
  2. Find the right location — That doesn’t mean you should rent a hot air balloon or a jet ski, but it means finding a location that has meaning to the two of you. Think about doing it at the place where you had your first date, where you met, or where you shared your first kiss. Doing it at a place like this will bring back the memories of how happy you once were, and it will make it so much more special.
  3. Start early — Don’t be like everyone else and propose at the end of the night, but START the night off with a bang. Once you’ve gotten down on one knee and your partner has said “yes”, everything you do–the special dinner, the awesome horse and carriage ride, and all the other activities–will seem so much more special, as they will be your first as an engaged couple.
  4. Don’t forget the music — Do you have a special song that you both love? If you have “your own song”, have it playing in the background as you make the proposal. It’s guaranteed to bring a huge smile to her face!
  5. Get some flowers — Flowers are the perfect background touch for your wedding proposal, but you’ll find that getting creative with the flowers is the way to go. For example, if you’ve been together for five years, have lots of bouquets with five flowers in each. Point out the flowers, and share the symbolism to include her in the special tradition.
  6. Keep it simple and heartfelt — Don’t make the mistake of writing out a proposal and reading the words to your partner. You can write something down and memorize the general gist of it, but the most important thing is that the proposal comes from your heart. Trust me, you’ll be going over the words a million times in your head, and they’ll come out right only if they’re heartfelt. Don’t force a written marriage proposal to come out, but keep it simple and make it a genuine, heartfelt one!
Perfect Proposal Planning Pointers

Proposal Planning Pointers

Once you’ve got the proposal out of the way, that’s where we come in! Here at Red Scooter, our job is to take your wedding plans and help make those dreams come true! As the foremost wedding venue in Melbourne, we’re here to make your big day a wedding like no other.