Planning an Awesome New Year's Party


If there’s one time of year that we all love, it’s the end of year holidays. Christmas has come and gone, so now it’s time to look to the biggest event of the year: the New Year’s Party!

Planning an Awesome New Year's Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Planning a New Year’s party doesn’t have to be a challenge, but you’ll find that it can be pretty easy if you follow the advice below:

Start with the Theme

What’s the theme for your New Year’s bash? Are you going to go for a costume party, or do you want to keep it simple? Think about just how crazy you want to go this year, and come up with a theme that reflects your party spirits on this year.

(Check out our unique themes like The Jazz Age or Great Gatsby for ideas…)

Choose the Venue

Where are you going to hold the party this year? If your backyard just won’t do the party justice, why not consider finding a venue outside your house? Check out local party halls, and see if there is one available to rent. You may have to pay a bit extra to hold the party there on New Year’s Eve, but it’s a small price to pay for an epic party!

(You’ll love our elegant New York-style venue, so come take a look at our Red Scooter hall just 6 kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD…)

Plan Some Games

Everyone loves a few crazy games to get in the mood for a New Year’s party, so come up with some fun ones that everyone can join in on. They can be as crazy or as calm as you want, but remember that they have to get people ready for some hardcore booty shaking once the music gets going!

Don’t Forget the Food

The food is the third most important part of your New Year’s party. You may not want to serve a huge dinner, but you can go for finger food and canapés instead. You can also serve simple salty snacks, veggie platters, hot wings, and pretty much anything else you want. You can even go with a big meal if you want, just make sure there is food present!

What’s on Tap?

The second most important part of your party is the drinks. If you’ve got time, go out and find a couple of kegs to tap for the big event. If not, your local liquor stores can provide you with all the beer, wine, and spirits that you need. It’s not a proper New Year’s party if you don’t have something in your hand to drink as the clock counts down to midnight!

Get the Music Going

Hire a DJ to spin those tunes! Nothing says New Year’s party like good party music! Lights aren’t as important as the proper sound equipment, and a good DJ will keep those songs coming until your feet are all danced out!

Planning an Awesome New Year's Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Let Red Scooter help you plan the perfect party to ring in the New Year in style! Our award-winning venue is ideal for your big event, and our party planners will help you get all the little details ironed out before party time.

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