Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food


Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food The time for Christmas celebrations is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about your company Christmas party. If it falls on your shoulders to plan the event, no doubt you’ve got a bit of work on your hands to plan a party that will go off without a hitch.

You’ve no doubt spent some time thinking about the party venue, and you should give consideration to the theme of the party. (Check out our Steampunk and The Jazz Age themes, or see if one of our other wacky ideas catches your fancy…)

But now, it’s time to think about one of the most important aspects of the party: Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food

Christmas Party Food

There really can be no Christmas celebrations without delicious food to munch on. The food is what helps you through those awkward conversations with Bob from accounting or Sheila from HR, and it’s what keeps you at the party until the end. Choosing the right food is supremely important!

Always Go with Finger Food

For your Christmas celebrations, finger food is almost always the right choice. It’s so much easier to stand around munching on mini-quiches than trying to slice up a steak with plastic forks and knives, and mini-hamburgers will slide nicely into your mouth while you politely nod at the story Jerry from public relations is telling you for the third time. Heavy finger food is the best way to go for your Christmas celebrations, as it eliminates the need for tables and chairs.

Add Some Variety

You can’t have just one type of food, as people will get bored of it fairly quickly. Try to add some lighter foods, as well as vegetables and fruits. Have some foods that are heavy, and some that will be light and easy to munch on. With a good assortment of foods, you’ll give the guests everything they want.

Planning the Perfect Christmas Party Food  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Christmas Cocktails

Consider Special Needs

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has some sort of food allergy or intolerance, or is on some special diet. Make sure that you have food for the gluten-intolerant, the lactose-intolerant. The vegetarians, and anyone else that has special food needs.

Why Serve Cake?

It’s not a birthday party, so there’s no need to serve cake. Why not serve cupcakes, muffins, special donuts, brownies, blondies, or any other desserts you want? Even a simple pie will work, and will add some variety to the celebration’s desserts.

Don’t Forget the Party Favors

If there’s one thing that people love, it’s taking home a little gift bag of treats. The bag could have a few pieces of candy in it, or there could be baked goods. It doesn’t matter what’s in the bag as much as the fact that the guests get to take home something delicious. Make sure you’ve got party favors for everyone to take home.

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