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Product Launch Venue Melbourne


Port Phillip Community Group chose to have their product launch of Mis Fortune Cookies, to be sold at local business’ to raise awareness and funds for people that are less fortunate than others in the City of Port Phillip.

Guests arrived into the Ethan Room to a buffet of sweets and refreshments, alongside Port Phillips Community Groups Mis Fortune Cookies. Elbow Skin, a performer who is very involved in the community’s wellbeing, played a soothing acoustic guitar set before the product launch commenced, with a story told in each of his songs.

The energy in the space was high, and full of peers who care for the state of the community. After the informative product launch at Red Scooter in Melbourne, guests enjoyed refreshing beverages and buffet sweets. The Mis Fortune Cookie Launch was successful, and we wish Port Phillip Community group our best wishes in raising awareness for this issue.

Product Launch Venue Melbourne  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Product Launch Venue Melbourne

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