Questions Engaged People Come to Hate

When you get engaged, it’s a happy time when your shared love warms your hearts and makes everything better! And then people start asking questions like “When is the wedding?” or “Who will be invited?” and suddenly, you’re dreading the rest of your engagement.

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Questions Engaged People Come to Hate

Here are a few questions that EVERY engaged couple has come to loathe:

  • When’s the wedding? — This is going to be asked by EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU MEET until you finally get married. Just the word “engaged” will elicit this question from them, so prepare to answer this a few times per day. The sooner you set the date, the sooner you’ll have an easy answer to the question.
  • Are you sure he/she is the right one? — Talk about a horrible question! Sure, it comes out as a “joke”, but it’s a clich√©d joke that no one ever wants to hear. Ignore the question, or brush it off with a simple “Of course!”
  • How big is the ring? — Most people who ask this want specifics, such as the karats of gold, the size of the diamond, etc. Thankfully, it’s none of their business, so you don’t HAVE to answer this if you don’t want to. Don’t bother trying to figure out what the person thinks, but just say, “It’s just the right size for me!”
  • Are you inviting_______? — Most of the time, the person mentioned will be an ex, a former friend, or someone who really doesn’t deserve a place at your wedding. The best response I to tell people “We haven’t drawn up the wedding guest list yet, but you’ll know when we do.” Chances are, the person mentioned isn’t going to make the cut, but you don’t want that getting back to them yet.
  • How are you paying for the wedding? — This question will usually be asked by people who care, and who know about your financial situation. If a close friend asks, you can tell them. If it’s someone else who you don’t know well, ask them “Why do you ask?” and watch them splutter as they try to come up with a good reason for asking about money.
  • You know that half of marriages end in divorce, right? — Thanks for the info! The cynical question is going to be posed by most of your single, anti-marriage friends, and it can be quite annoying–not to mention a bit sobering. Ignore the question, or just say, “We’re counting on our ability to make it work.”
  • So, when are the kids coming? — People simply assume that getting married means that having kids is the logical next step, and this is the question most engaged couples come to hate above all. Answer with “When we’re ready” or just ignore the question altogether.

Expect these questions from EVERYONE you meet, and they won’t be so annoying after the 50th person asks when the wedding will be.

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Questions Newly Engaged People Come to Hate

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