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Radical Corporate Event Branding Ideas


Corporate events are a good way to spread word of your company and your products or services, but it is often difficult to make your corporate brand stick in people’s minds once they have left. They enjoy the entertainment, the food, and the ambience, but they go home without really remembering why they were there in the first place.

Here are some awesome ways to make sure your brand is highly visible and memorable:

  1. Write it in fire — Burn your brand into your guests’ minds by using fire pits featuring your company’s logo. If you’re hosting an outdoor cocktail reception or evening event, having fire pits with your company logo will be both pleasant for the ambience and a great way to remind people why they’re there!
  2. Write it in sand –– For companies hosting their corporate event on the beautiful Melbourne beaches, it’s time to hire a sand artist. The artist can create your company’s logo using colored sand, and your guests will marvel at your ingenuity.
  3. Take a picture –– Give your guests a photo with the celebrity entertainment as a keepsake, but make sure that your corporate logo is visible in the background of the picture. It’s a great way to give them a memory of both the fun they had at your event and the reason why they are there.
Radical Corporate Event Branding Ideas  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Master Chef Contestants

  1. Spell it on the furniture –– Every time your guests sit down, they should be able to see your company name and/or brand spelled out clearly on their chairs, couches, tables, etc. You’ll find it’s fairly easy to print out adhesive logos to stick onto furniture.
  2. Incorporate it into a light show — If you’re hiring a DJ to run your entertainment, have him plan a light show using your company name and logo as part of the show. Your guests will love the visual effects of the dancing lights, and it’s a great way to imprint your logo onto their memories.
  3. Send it home as a treat — Give your guests goody bags filled with treats–candies, cookies, cupcakes, chocolates, etc. Make sure that every item in that bag has some reminder of your company, including your logo, your company name, or the purpose of the corporate event.
  4. Print it on shirts –– There is a reason that the “Just Do It” slogan of Nike has become so well-known, and that is largely due to the fact that Nike prints it on comfortable, good-looking athletic shirts. If you want to give your guests a gift, a good quality T-shirt is worth the investment. They’ll remember your company every time they wear it!
Radical Corporate Event Branding Ideas  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Adidas Branding

These are just a few creative ways to etch your brand into people’s minds as they attend your events, but our team of Red Scooter experts is happy to help you come up with your own unique methods. Let us help you plan the event that your guests will remember for a long time to come!