Should You Hand Out Cash Bonuses at Your Office Christmas Party?


Cash Bonuses at Office Christmas Party?

Should you hand out cold hard Cash Bonuses at Office Christmas Party?. Hard cash is the Christmas bonus that most employees look forward to every year. After all, they’ve put in a hard year of work, and the money in the envelope you are going to hand them is their reward for another year of making your company successful.

Should You Hand Out Cash Bonuses at Your Office Christmas Party?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Christmas Bonus Ideas

But, when it comes time to hand out the envelopes at the Christmas party. Should you fill the envelopes with cash, or with something else? Here are a few alternatives to cash that could serve as a company Christmas bonus:

Gift Cards

For companies who don’t really have it in their budget to give out cash bonuses, gift cards can be the way to go. Not only are they versatile, but they offer the same value as cash bonuses. Of course, giving employees gift cards may be taken as an insult.  So be careful that your gift cards are valuable enough that they don’t feel slighted.

Event Tickets

If you know that certain employees are really interested in sports events, concerts, etc., why not procure them tickets to those events? It can make a wonderful present in their envelope, and it can come as a pleasant surprise when they open it expecting to see cash!

Travel Vouchers

Some employees spend all of their time at their desk, and these are the ones that need to get away from the office. Giving them airplane tickets or travel vouchers will encourage them to spend their holidays someplace else. And will enable them to show up at the office at the end of vacations rested and refreshed.

Should You Hand Out Cash Bonuses at Your Office Christmas Party?  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Cash Bonuses at Office Christmas Party?

The office Christmas party is the place to hand out those envelopes. But make sure that you’ve put the right thing into each one.

Not sure what would be best for your employees this year? Why not take the time to listen in on the talk around the office to see what people are thinking. Most of the employees will be talking about the Christmas bonus. They are expecting to receive. And you can listen to find the ones that aren’t too tied to the cash–but who might prefer one of the creative alternatives above.

You can also enlist the help of an employee, who could be your “spy” in the ranks. He or she could go around and see what your employees are thinking, and help you come up with the best Christmas gifts to hand out to your employees at the office Christmas party.

The most important thing is that your employees feel that their hard work for the year has been rewarded. The thing that will make them happiest is what you should be putting in that envelope!

You’ve got a lot to worry about with the Christmas bonuses. So let us help you deal with throwing an awesome office Christmas party. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need to keep your employees happy and enjoying themselves, and you’ll love just how creative we can get with our awesome party ideas!

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