Steampunk Theme for Birthday Party Venues


Birthdays are a great excuse to throw a party to celebrate with your nearest and dearest. More and more, birthdays are becoming highly individualized. They’re also an excellent opportunity to showcase the guest of honours tastes. Steampunk is in right now. From fashion to accessories and even weddings, this motif is gaining in popularity. The premise of steampunk is derivative of the Victorian-gothic era, when steam powered a great deal of industry. However, it’s updated enough that it’s slightly futuristic. Steampunk features steam-powered machinery and is an alternate depiction of 19th century life (alternate history).


Steampunk costumes are inspired by the clothing of upper class Victorian women and gentleman. The differentiation is that rather than just being corsets under binding dresses and walking suits, they often include metallic embellishments, leather, and gothic jewelry. A few of the more popular items include depictions of cogs and gears or aviator goggles.

Steampunk Theme for Birthday Party Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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For an interesting twist on this theme, try serving truly Victorian era foods. You could serve a decadent spread of jellies, meats, etc. Or try a hybrid version of high tea / appetizers—think Mad Hatter Tea Party. For dessert, try petite fours (miniature cakes), or an over-the-top, elaborate birthday cake.

Steampunk Theme for Birthday Party Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Use a mixture of antiques, found items, and handmade objects to decorate your birthday party venue. Watches, cogs, clocks, brass gears, hot air balloons, trains and zephyrs are the main items that inspire this theme. Pair these Victorian inventions with more formal items like hand calligraphy place cards, jacquard or floral table linens and dark colours such as crimson, black and deep browns. These items will go a long in transforming your birthday venue.

Steampunk Theme for Birthday Party Venues  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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Try playing popular Victorian parlor games such as board games, a Ouija board for a mystical feel, or cards. You could even set up a small game of cricket and invite your guests to try their hand at it. Make sure the birthday party venues you’re considering offer you enough space to make the games a success.

Birthdays do not have to be boring. Try a theme to mix it up and look at birthday party venues that can help you bring the event to life!

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