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Since emerging from a bare warehouse in East St Kilda’s industrial area, Red Scooter has bloomed into 4 different wedding venues that specialise in providing custom concepts for couples wanting to celebrate their Melbourne wedding receptions in one of Australia’s most environmentally friendly wedding venues. But it’s the decision to care for the environment as well as clientele that has given our wedding venues a genuine point of difference.

Sustainable Weddings  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: The White Tree

Here’s how we it works in a nut shell: Red Scooter contracted a company called Greenfleet to plant trees for our wedding venues, enough oxygen breathing, CO2 guzzling eucalypts to compensate for the greenhouse emissions our wedding venues produce. This isn’t some hit and miss, random pine plantation tax dodge, but a carefully formulated, independently accredited contract which gives our wedding venues the distinction of being Australia’s first carbon neutral wedding venues. And as well for the soul, it’s great for the bank balance. But first…..more on Red Scooter the business.

All of our wedding venues offer unique experiences, starting even before the guests enter the front door and our success is built on repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. It’s really simply about having a selection of wedding venues that can be tailored to suit our customers’ needs and wants. It’s definitely not a production line. Even our wedding venues function menus are eco-friendly. Our guest can indulge in a diverse selection of organic, pesticide free dishes.

And the real draw card? Well, what’s good for the environment is even better for the consumer. Because our wedding venues organic beer and wine is served without the additives and your guests can wake up in the morning minus the hangover!

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