Warehouse Venue Hire In Melbourne

Warehouse Venue in Melbourne

HOW TO USE A WAREHOUSE VENUE IN MELBOURNE Here at Red Scooter, we offer you a warehouse venue in Melbourne for you to use for your events and functions. Not only does it provide you with all the space you need, but you have options on how you can arrange and organize the warehouse event…

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60th Birthdays are The New 21st Birthdays

60TH BIRTHDAYS ARE THE NEW 21ST BIRTHDAYS 60th Birthdays are The New 21st Birthdays. How many times have you heard someone say, “Who celebrates birthdays at this age?” 60th Birthdays are The New 21st Birthdays, it’s a rare occurrence to see Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Cat woman, Dr Evil, and Cruella DeVille in one room.…

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The Best Work Christmas Party Ideas Are Crazy!

The Jazz Age Theme for Birthday Party Venues

THE JAZZ AGE THEME FOR BIRTHDAY PARTY VENUES The 1920s was a time of opulence and lavishness. Falling on the heels of World War I and right before the collapse of the global stock market (1929), people wanted to live it up. If you had money, it was a time of decadent spending and elaborate…

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Perfect Birthday Party Venues In Melbourne

Perfect birthday party venues in Melbourne

PERFECT BIRTHDAY PARTY VENUES IN MELBOURNE Looking for Birthday party venue in Melbourne We have the perfect birthday party venues in Melbourne. Whether it’s a milestone celebration or casual birthday drinks, we have a large range of venue ideas for birthday parties across Melbourne. Planning a party to celebrate a birthday? Booking a space like…

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