Gala Ball Function Rooms In Melbourne

A Few Engagement Q & A’s

FEW ENGAGEMENT Q & A’S A Few Engagement Q & A’s. You proposed to her, and she said yes! Good on you! Being engaged and looking for an engagement party venue is a wonderful time, as that’s when you are most happy together. You’re all tingly and excited about getting married, and your wedding planning…

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Corporate Function Rooms and Venues in Melbourne

Questions Engaged People Come to Hate

QUESTIONS ENGAGED PEOPLE COME TO HATE When you get engaged, it’s a happy time when your shared love warms your hearts and makes everything better, read about our list of questions engaged people come to hate! And then people start asking questions like “When is the wedding?” or “Who will be invited?” and suddenly, you’re…

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New York Style Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Perfect Proposal Planning Pointers

PERFECT PROPOSAL PLANNING POINTERS Before you can find that perfect Melbourne wedding venue, choose the linen, and design your cake, there’s one crucial step you need to get just right the proposal, read about our perfect proposal planning pointers. Asking that person of your dreams to marry you needs to be done right, so here…

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