Wedding Ceremony and Receptions Venues in Melbourne

Location, Location, Location….How to choose for your Wedding Venue Part 1

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING VENUE PART 1 Whether your wedding is a casual affair with sandals and jeans, or a more formal event complete with tuxes and tails, location of the wedding venue is everything. so how to choose for your wedding venue part 1? A cursory internet search will reveal a plethora of…

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Wedding Ceremony and Receptions Venues in Melbourne

Awesome Ways to Spice Up Reception Venues

WAYS TO SPICE UP RECEPTION VENUES Ways to Spice Up Reception Venues, making a wedding unique can be tough, and you may worry that it has all been done before. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can spice up your wedding and reception venues to make your big day an event no one…

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Aperol Drinks Cart For Events

The Top 10 Wedding Venue Ideas

THE TOP 10 WEDDING VENUE IDEAS The Top 10 Wedding Venue Ideas, want to take your wedding out of the traditional church setting? It’s time to get creative with your wedding venue, so consider one of the following 10 awesome ideas for venues: BED AND BREAKFAST Why not get married at a little bed and…

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New York Style Corporate Venues in Melbourne

Remember This When Searching for Summer Wedding Venues

REMEMBER THIS WHEN SEARCHING FOR SUMMER WEDDING VENUES If you’re on the hunt for venues for your summer wedding, there are a few important things to keep in mind read about our remember this when searching for summer wedding venues ideas. Summer in Melbourne can be quite hot and it can have a noticeable effect…

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Venue Hire Melbourne

Melbourne’s Awesomely Unusual Wedding Venues

MELBOURNE’S AWESOMELY UNUSUAL WEDDING VENUES Before you can plan your wedding, you have to take the most important step: searching through the many od Melbourne’s awesomely unusual wedding venues has to offer and selecting the right one for you. Instead of considering a boring, traditional venue, why not look into a unique, out-of-the-box venue? We’ve…

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New York Style Wedding Venues in Melbourne

A Few of Melbourne’s Top Wedding Venues

MELBOURNE’S TOP WEDDING VENUES Want Melbourne’s Top Wedding Venues? Here are some of the wedding venues you should definitely consider: Red Scooter — Versatile, personalised, and luxurious; these are the best words to describe Red Scooter. The award-winning venue is known for its supremely creative décor, which boasts a certain level of luxury while still…

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Warehouse Wedding Venue Hire Melbourne

Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Reception Venues

QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN CHOOSING WEDDING RECEPTION VENUES If you’re planning for your big day use these questions to ask when choosing wedding reception venues, the most important thing to get out of the way is the wedding venue. Choosing wedding venues can be a challenge, unless you already know exactly where you want the…

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Wedding Venue Hire In Melbouurne

Best Gala Wedding Venues in Melbourne

BEST GALA WEDDING VENUES IN MELBOURNE What more could you ask for than a massive wedding and the Best Gala Wedding Venues in Melbourne? It’s amazing how many people have dreamed of getting married in front of hundreds of close friends, family, coworkers, and a host of “plus ones” that they have never met. A…

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Melbourne's No.1 Unique Events Venue

Melbourne Wedding Venues for Small Parties

MELBOURNE WEDDING VENUES FOR SMALL PARTIES Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia  – with only Sydney being the larger metropolitan area, Melbourne Wedding Venues for Small Parties. It stands to reason that there would be many wonderful wedding venues in the city. In fact, Melbourne is known as being one of the best places…

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Indoor Wedding Ceremony Venue in Melbourne

How to Choose the Best Wedding Venues

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST WEDDING VENUES When it comes to the day of your wedding how to choose the Best Wedding Venues a few things matter more than the wedding venues. The food could be served cold, the pastor could arrive late, and the parents of the bride and groom could get into a…

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The Best Out of the Box Wedding Venues in Australia

THE BEST OUT OF THE BOX WEDDING VENUES IN AUSTRALIA Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, as it’s the day that you officially join your life together with the man or woman that you love. It’s an event that happens just once in most people’s lives, so it’s important that…

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The Unique Wedding Venue Melbourne

Port Phillip Wedding Locations

PORT PHILLIP WEDDING LOCATIONS If you’re looking for some of the best Wedding Locations Melbourne can offer, you’d do well to look near the beautiful Port Phillip Wedding Locations Harbour. The City of Port Phillip is a place like no other, and you’ll love just how beautiful your wedding photos look when taken overlooking the…

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Donut Food Carts For Events

Life of An Apprentice Chef In A Melbourne Wedding Venue

LIFE OF AN APPRENTICE CHEF IN A MELBOURNE WEDDING VENUE The life of an apprentice chef working in a Melbourne Wedding Venue is quite different to any other apprenticing chef I have spoken to. I am currently doing my schooling at William Angliss Institute and have spoken to a variety of other students about their…

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Venue Hire Melbourne

Wedding Venues Near Me

WEDDING VENUES NEAR ME If you are looking for wedding venues near me the very best wedding venues Melbourne offers in preparation for your big day? There are some must dos you need to keep in mind while preparing your wedding reception venue to be able to make your personal day one that is memorable…

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Green Function Rooms In Melbourne

Sustainable Weddings

SUSTAINABLE WEDDINGS Since emerging from a sustainable weddings bare warehouse in East St Kilda’s industrial area, Red Scooter has bloomed into 4 different wedding venues that specialise in providing custom concepts for couples wanting to celebrate their Melbourne wedding receptions in one of Australia’s most environmentally friendly wedding venues. But it’s the decision to care…

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Wedding Reception Venue in Melbourne

The Perfect Wedding Venue in Melbourne

THE PERFECT WEDDING VENUE IN MELBOURNE A wedding is an event where the most valued of friends and family come together to celebrate the union between two people the perfect wedding venue in Melbourne . Red Scooter understands that this event is simultaneously a joyful and dignified occasion because it marks the beginning of the…

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Function Venue

Planning the Ideal Destination Wedding

PLANNING THE IDEAL DESTINATION WEDDING Planning the ideal destination wedding, destination weddings are hugely popular, and a large number of the weddings taking place in Melbourne every year involve people from out of state or even from another country. Whether your destination is a Melbourne wedding venue or someplace else, here are some tips to…

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