The Budget Savvy Wedding


Weddings are expensive. From the location, to the food, to the dress—there’s a reason why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. For the couple looking to create their dream wedding without busting the bank, it may seem impossible to get the best of both worlds. But it’s not. With a little research and some thorough planning, you really can have it all.

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Budget Savvy Wedding

Shorten the planning timeline
It may seem counter-intuitive to plan a wedding in less than a year, but by shortening the timeline you focus your efforts. Wedding venues that offer full event staff may be able to accommodate you, even with reasonable short notice.

Or give yourself more time

By extending your planning, you can take advantage of seasonal sales or discounts. You also increase your chances of getting your preferred dates at your preferred wedding venue.

Schedule the wedding during off peak times
Often wedding venues are slow during Monday through Thursday or in winter and autumn months. When there’s less competition for days, you have more power to negotiate the costs. Also, consider Friday and Sunday night weddings; vendors and wedding venues alike are often less busy these nights.

Look outside the bridal boutique
EBay, consignment shops, or even vintage stores can equal savings when looking for the perfect wedding dress. Also consider renting. Once upon a time wedding dresses were passed down from generation to generation. This is less common now. Consider renting your wedding dress if you don’t mind not having to worry about preservation of the gown and storage.

Consider skipping on the wedding feast
Why not host a cocktail wedding reception instead of a buffet or sit-down dinner. Or why not have a potluck? A potluck can be a fun way to include family traditions and try new things without busting the bank.

Limit liquor variety
Alcohol is one of the biggest expenses of a wedding reception. Why not skip the open bar and serve one or two signature drinks instead? Since most wedding venues charge for every bottle opened, even if it was just for one drink, limiting options can help control costs. Another option is to just serve beer and wine.

Skip the tiers
While wedding cakes with multiple tiers look pretty, they’re also pricey. Consider having a small wedding cake for cutting and a sheet cake to serve. Alternatively, cupcakes are rising in popularity. Not only are they fun, but they’re also easy to serve.

Simple decorations
Opt for seasonal flowers and skip cascades when choosing wedding bouquets. Sometimes you can purchase décor items like centrepieces from other brides at a steal.

There are many places a savvy couple can cut costs during the wedding planning process. From location to photos to guest favours, a lot can be said for prioritizing and shopping around. In an increasingly modern and digital age, old traditions can make way for new, and save you a few dollars to boot.

Make your wedding reception unique with a few of these tips.

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