The Hunger Games Theme


Planning a university ball or school formal? Why not choose our Hunger Games theme, created especially for the younger generation!

The Hunger Games Theme  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

The Hunger Games Theme

The Setting

Enter the themed venue decorated to look like The Capitol. Elegant, luxurious, and with all the modern conveniences that you would expect from the most powerful city, our Red Scooter event venue will look like something straight out of the book. You’ll be amazed at the colourful decorations that transform the venue into a truly fabulous location to party the night away!

The Music

No Hunger Games party is complete without a DJ spinning out the hottest tunes. Your high school and university students will love the blend of party music, from all of the greats. With songs ranging from EDM to pop music to the best summer hits, our DJ will send your guests into a dancing frenzy as we drop the beat!

The Food

You’ll find that the fare is as elegant as it is decorative! We never forget to bring the tasty, but you can bet that your drinks will be as colourful as the costumes worn by your guests. Think brightly coloured cocktails, the most decorative canapés, and dishes fit for any Capitol City table. Your guests will find their eyes goggling as they see the delightfully bright and colourful spread that we’ll set out in front of them, all thanks to our master chef!

The Hunger Games Theme  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Hunger Games Theme

The Costumes

When it comes to the Hunger Games theme, no party is complete without the right costumes. In this case, the more colourful, the better! Your Hunger Games costumes will be as elegant, bright, and fashionable as the latest Capitol City styles, and you can go wild when applying makeup. The brighter you are, the more stylish you will be in this party!

The Entertainment

In a Hunger Games party, it’s all about pushing the limits of fun! Consider hiring entertainment like a fire-eater, brightly festooned jugglers, stilts walkers, and anything else that just looks out of the ordinary. You may want to consider a party magician, but the scary kind instead of the child’s party type. Think about a party that is fun and edgy, and that’s what the Hunger Games party is all about!

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with everything you need to throw the perfect Hunger Games party for your university ball or school formal. Red Scooter is here to make your dreams come true!

We’re the premier event venue in Melbourne, and we know how much work goes into making your party a reality. You’ll find that there’s no one that does themed events better than us, which is why we have so many themes to choose from. Contact us via email or pick up the phone, and see how we can help you to make your party come to life. At our one-of-a-kind function venue, you’ll find that your party is a truly magical event!

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