The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party


The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party

Looking for The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party Christmas time in Melbourne means it’s time for a partayyy! Who doesn’t love a good company Christmas party to take your employees’ minds off the long, hard year of work they’ve had? You’ll find that throwing a great party takes a lot of work, and there are a lot of things to consider.

The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Christmas Cocktails

The food and drinks served at the party are very important to get right – the drinks more so than the food. If you’ve got an awesome office Christmas function in mind. Here are some awesome, refreshing drinks to serve this hot Christmas season:

Tequila Gimlet

For this delicious cocktail, you’ll need tequila, lime juice, and lime cordial. Mix them all up together in a cocktail shaker, and serve in a glass with plenty of ice. It’s a cool, refreshing drink that will fight off the heat.


If you’ve got heavy beer drinkers, moderate their intake by mixing a bit of light beer with lime, Sprite, and a sprig of mint. There’s all the taste of beer, but in a much more refreshing cocktail.

Orange Splash

Who doesn’t love a good citrus-flavoured cocktail in the December heat? Mix up a bit of citrus vodka with Triple Sec or Cointreau, and add a splash of orange and/or lime juice. Tangy, sweet, and guaranteed refreshing!

Mango Peach Fizz

Peel yourself a mango and peach, and puree them in a blender. Along with juice, sugar, peach-schnapps, and champagne. It’s a cocktail that will set your taste buds on fire and have you thirsty for more.

White Wine Sangria

Sangria may have been created in Spain, but who said those in Melbourne can’t enjoy some? Mix up some white wine with seltzer, peaches, and strawberries to make a fruity drink that just won’t quit. The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party

Minty Margaritas

The classic Margarita is a drink perfect for the hotter seasons of the year, so mix yourself up one by throwing tequila into a blender with Triple Sec and lime juice. Once you’ve blended it, serve it in a glass with a few sprigs of mint to add a delicious twist.


This cocktail is a delightful blend of all of the best flavours. Cherry puree is mixed with sparkling wine, peaches, and cherries, and it’s served in a tall glass to make it look absolutely divine.

Watermelon Martini

The deliciously fresh taste of watermelon makes this cocktail a true pleasure to drink, and you’ll find that the mixture of citrus vodka, Watermelon Pucker, and triple sec combines nicely with some 7-Up and orange juice.

Strawberry Punch

Break out the muddler for this drink. Mix muddled strawberries and canned pineapple in a glass with white rum, simple syrup, and lime and pineapple juice. It’s a delicious, sweet cocktail your guests will love.

The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

The Perfect Cocktails for Your Christmas Party

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