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The weekend that was…


Red Scooter saw quite a unique mix of events this week! The venue played host to a brilliant Comic con themed 21st which saw all manner of superheroes and characters waltz through our doors. To find out more click here to read the full review of Laura’s spectacular party.

The weekend that was...  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Photo Credit: Penn Photography

From Superheroes to superwoman – Saturday’s event was put together in conjunction with Candice from Mackenzi Creations, who pulled off a sensational wedding. Scooter was transformed from the dark warehouse space we know and love to a bright white draped room! Showcasing the versatility of the space, suppliers ran around all day to finish the theming for Lisa and Michael’s wedding. This included installing new AV systems for the room, draping the entire venue with white fabrics through to the magnificent floral arrangements. On our end we were removing our signature red curtains, covering the black and white dance floor, moving in square tables (in place of our usual rounds!) and ensuring the venue looked absolutely stunning for the arrival of our guests. The wedding reception ran smoothly and we even had a call from the speechless bride on Sunday thanking us for her dream wedding!

Kendall and Ellen hosted 80 of their closest friends and family on Sunday for a beautiful small wedding. They loved the contrast of their traditional church for the Ceremony, to then bring their guests into our sleek sparkly space. Beautiful floral arrangements adorned black sequined linen, with everyone taken aback in awe! The reception was a magnificent success with our couple thrilled to share their night surrounded by those who love them.

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The weekend that was...  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

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