Throw the Perfect Bar Mitzvah


Planning a Bar Mitzvah is no easy task, particularly if you want to get it just right for your little lad who is soon to turn into a man. Here are some tips to help you plan a bar mitzvah as close to picture-perfect as you could ask for:

Throw the Perfect Bar Mitzvah  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Bar Mitzvah Melbourne

  • Always have the caterer on speed dial —  The food is the most important part of the event, so it’s essential that you can contact the caterer at any moment should there be a problem with the food. Hint: there’s always a problem with the food.
  • Go with a theme –– Unless you’re dead set on the traditional bar mitzvah, why not get creative and go with a unique theme? Let your son pick the theme that he wants, and see if it falls within the budget that you have set for the party. If it does, go with it!
  • Make sure the cake is great –– Not a good cake, a great one! The event isn’t complete unless you’ve got a delicious cake, one that fits the theme of your function. You’ll want to spend nearly as much time cake-tasting for the bar mitzvah as you would for a wedding.
  • Keep it simple — Does your son really want flowers, balloons, banners, streamers, and all the rest? If not, getting these things will just be way overboard. Keep it simple, but make sure that the decorations that you do opt for are a home run.
  • Hire an AV genius –– Your son may not want to remember this momentous occasion, but you certainly will. You’re going to need to look into a professional photographer, as well as a videographer. With a photo book and a bar mitzvah video, you’ll have a way to look back at this awesome event for years to come.
  • Don’t open the bar just yet –– You can be certain that the Jewish love to drink, which can be a problem if the open bar is available before the food has been served. Make sure to have a few trays of appetizers flowing around the room before the bar is opened.
  • You’ll need lots of food –– Not only are you hosting the bar mitzvah, but tradition dictates that you have a Shabbat dinner on the night before the event as well as a brunch the morning after. Get ready to spend a hefty sum on food.
  • Find a good venue –– You want a place that can easily accommodate all of your bar mitzvah guests, and which can be customized according to the type of bar mitzvah function you want to hold.
Throw the Perfect Bar Mitzvah  Venue Melbourne - Red Scooter Unique Events Venue

Arcade Theme Bar Mitzvah

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